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How to Host a Halloween Party

It’s the middle of October, and Halloween is about to knock on your door. Gather your family and friends for an all-age trick-or-treat bash filled with frighteningly good fun and food! Try out these simple and inexpensive ideas, and host a Halloween party that’s simply to die for. Decide on a theme Having a party […]

Jen Around the Web: Guest Post Round-up (Part 3)

The entire month of September was exciting and busy, especially with nine published guest posts! So, let me take this opportunity to say “thank you” to my hosts! Here’s another round of guest posts for the month of September. “After the Move: Setting Up Your New Patio” for William Paid   Arrange a space to […]

Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dining Room

When you love to entertain, a beautiful and functional dining room sets the stage for a successful dinner party. However, a lot of us are guilty of a few common decorating mistakes in this important room. In this post, we’ll show you how you can avoid these design errors for a more enjoyable meal. Poor […]

Quick, No-Sew Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you find store-bought costumes too pricey, sewing together a Halloween outfit is a great alternative. But even if you’ve never picked up a sewing needle in your life, you can still make your child a unique and colorful costume for the 31st. These creative costumes require only a few inexpensive, everyday items and are […]

Inspire Creativity in the Kid’s Playroom

The playroom is where the kids learn how to be more creative, imaginative, and organized. But when they can’t manage to keep everything clean, it’s up to us adults to help them keep “their” place neat and tidy. As a mom of four, I know first-hand that toys have a way of multiplying — almost […]