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Home Decor 101: Creating Interest Using Texture

October 28th, 2013

In last month’s Home Décor 101 post, we talked about the importance of accessorizing your home and how you can go about doing it. For this month, we’ll look more into adding texture to your space to create interest in a particular area.

In this month’s Home Décor 101 post, we’ll talk about:

  • Benefits of adding texture in interior design
  • Accessories that add texture
  • Surfaces where you can add texture

Using a few, select home décor pieces and a bit of your personal style, you can easily create a visually stimulating room!

What is Texture and Why is It Important?

When we decorate our homes, we always look for something that will make the room interesting. Adding texture to home décor gives the extra oomph that makes the room stand out and keeps your décor from feeling bland or generic.

Texture in home décor appeals to both tactile and visual aspects, and helps you create the atmosphere you want ― whether comfortable, warm, or refreshing.

Ways to Add Texture

The trick in creating interest in a room is to use elements and accessories that are beautiful to look at and that say something about your personality. To add texture to home décor, here are some simple ideas you can do without breaking the bank.

Use Rugs for a Cozy Atmosphere


Living room with black couch, rocking chair, floor lamp, and rug in neutral color

While hardwood floors add character to a room, wooden floors alone, even with various texture designs, can still be a bit stark. To break up the monotony of your wooden floors, place a patterned or shaggy rug on the floor for both visual and tactile interest. Rugs also add a bit of warmth and give you a visual break.

Add Space (and Appeal) with Mirrors


Lovely white mantel decorated with a lamp, a candle, a mirror, and a pitcher vase of white flowers

Another simple interior design tip is to use mirrors. When you want to add charm to your walls, but you don’t want to hang any artwork, using mirrors instantly creates visual interest to your space. If an area only has a few windows, mirrors can act like one since they instantly brighten up a room, reflecting light available in that space. They also add depth to your room, make the space appear bigger, and bring a simple, yet refreshing, atmosphere to your décor ― and they don’t even require heavy lifting!

Bring Patterns and Prints into the Mix


Child's room with yellow and white wallpaper and red bean bag

Bringing texture into your décor can also be as simple as adding patterns and prints. Patterned wallpapers give the semblance of texture to your walls. But if you’re not yet ready to commit to an entire room with wallpapered walls, you can try accenting just one wall, or even something simple like wallpapering a particularly small bathroom. Also, if you’re looking for a quick fix, setting up a print or two creates an illusion of raised depth that prevents your walls from looking flat.

Make Use of an Accent Piece


Cottage-style bedroom with a ruffled pillow and layered bedsheets

Adding texture to a surface doesn’t necessarily mean that the area should be big or wide. Put a pillow with a ruffled cover on your bed or place pillows with interesting prints on your living room couch.

Turquoise and white bathroom with turquoise-painted doorknobs

Another trick to add visual interest to a surface is to use a colored or printed door knob instead of the usual brass ones. The color or print adds life to an otherwise ordinary-looking surface.

Use these quick and easy tips on how to use texture to create a charming space for your family.

For next month’s Home Décor 101 post, we’ll be talking about decorating for Christmas, so drop by again in November!

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