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3 Easy Holiday Entertaining Ideas

November 22nd, 2013

Perk up your next Christmas get-together with a fresh take on classic holiday celebrations. Your family and friends will truly appreciate these easy, creative, and fun ideas that are brimming with Christmas cheer.

1. Progressive Dinner

A progressive dinner is a fun and inexpensive way to reconnect with friends and neighbors during the holiday season. It involves your group going to each other’s homes for each course of the meal. A traveling party requires less work and expense, and everyone gets the chance to play host.

canapes with tomatoes, olives, cream cheese, and salami
Appetizing appetizers


Plan around three to four courses. Start with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and follow it with a first course of soup, salad, or pasta. Next, have the main course along with side dishes, then end with dessert. Try to make the menu consistent by keeping to a specific theme or cuisine, such as Italian or French.


2. Cookie Exchange

To host a cookie swap party, invite a group of friends and have each one prepare enough of one kind of cookie or baked treats to share. During the party, you can sample the cookies, then trade them so that everyone leaves with a big batch of goodies.

cookies shaped as snowmen, stars, christmas trees, and bells
Baked treats for the holidays


Before the party, set separate tables for displaying the cookies and for serving snacks and drinks. You can serve simple, light appetizers and wine, coffee, tea, or perhaps milk to wash down the delicious cookies. Prepare decorative tags to identify each set of cookies and the baker. Provide pretty containers or cookie tins for guests to transport their holiday haul back home.


3. Caroling Party

Add something delightfully retro to your holiday celebrations by sharing the gift of song. A caroling party is easy to organize and fosters a great sense of community spirit.

Send invitations to family and friends who love to sing and mention which carols you’ll be singing. Friends who are too shy to sing can shake handheld jingle bells, handle the music player, or take photos. Remember to make arrangements with the homes you will be caroling for.

"carol of the bells" music sheet
Carol around your neighborhood


Once your guests arrive, boost their spirits with a few appetizers and eggnog, then have a quick round of practice before heading out. After you finish your route, come back to your house, and celebrate the evening’s spectacular performance with some hot chocolate and dessert.

We hope you have fun trying out these easy entertaining ideas this holiday season. If you have other unique and festive party ideas, share them in the comments section below.


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