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Decorating Your Christmas Tree on a Budget

November 26th, 2013

The challenge with decorating for the holidays is making an impact without damaging your wallet. Christmas ornaments, wreaths, and trees can cost a lot, but you can lessen the expense this holiday season. This tree, decorate a wonderful Christmas tree on a budget with these easy and affordable ideas!
Take Advantage of Sales
Never underestimate the power of sales! In holiday decorating, the most expensive item is the Christmas tree. If you prefer a real tree, the cost varies depending on your location. Also, local farms have more affordable trees than the big retailers. If you like artificial trees, you can always take advantage of various online sales! Everything from trees and wreaths to ornaments are put on sale months before winter comes in. You can search the web, and even their brick-and-mortar counterparts, for a more affordable Christmas tree plus holiday decorations for your home!
Another option if you want to create a beautiful Christmas tree on a budget is to make your own ornaments. Making DIY ornaments doesn’t cost as much as buying new ones. Aside from that, these décor pieces also give you the chance to be as creative as you want, and they allow you the leeway to use the colors you prefer.

green Christmas tree with clear lights

Our family room, which houses the Kennedy Fir wreath and tree, was the simplest and quickest to decorate. For ornaments, we hung the  cinnamon apple sauce ornaments I made with my kids. These DIY decorations were affordable (costing $14 all in all) and make dozens. The biggest cost for this project was the baker’s twine I ordered from Amazon.  For $8, you get a huge spool of twine.  I’ve used it for two different ornament projects and it doesn’t look like I made a dent in it.  I am planning to use it for gift wrapping as well.

Stamps, ink, and cookie cutters for salt dough ornaments

I also hung on the tree several Sculpey clay and salt dough ornaments that I made with my friend, Joanna. If you’re planning to go the cheaper route, salt dough ornaments are definitely the way to go. I was inspired by these ornaments from Oleander and Palm.

You only need to mix together 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, and 1/2 cup warm water. Sculpey clay can be bought at $8.29 for 1.75 lbs. at a craft store or on Amazon.

Salt dough and Sculpey clay ornaments on a baking sheet

My friend, Joanna, has a collection of beautiful stamps and ink, so there was no investment on the stamping end. I had already purchased baker’s twine and jute for my last DIY ornament projects, and I used those strings as ribbons for this batch of décor.

Different salt dough and clay ornaments hung on the branches of a green tree

As for different styles, the salt dough lends itself a more rustic look, while the Sculpey clay, which has a pretty shade of white, has a more finished feel.
I’m excited to use these ornaments on my tree and as gifts and gift tags!
Mix and Match
Another way to lower your holiday décor costs this year is to mix and match old and new items. Decide on a theme before unearthing the appropriate ornaments to display. Then, you can arrange your ornaments as you see fit.

wreath and garland with clear lights on a fireplace

For our family room, I already had the berries, the candlesticks, the carolers, which I love, and the pine cones. The only other piece that I had to purchase was the burlap for the tree skirt, which costs $8. It was all a matter of playing with different decorative pieces to see what will work and what won’t.

Prelit white tree and wreath

As for the living room, I had to think about the theme first before I could move forward with the decorating.
Decorating the white tree took the longest, mostly because I had to do most of the shopping for the decorations of this tree. I also needed to plan a lot. Did I want to go with a winter theme or something fun, bright, and whimsical? Ultimately, I went with the winter theme because I wanted to go with something that didn’t clash or draw attention to the blue carpeting in the room.

white wreath decorated with burlap and mantel with several decor pieces

The other ornaments I bought were the fun, woodsy star at Home Goods, some silver ornaments at Target, and the clear and cream glitter ornaments at Hobby Lobby. Everything else, I already had in my possession or from my mom’s collection of Christmas decorations. She has a good eye to boot, so she and I rearranged ornaments, lights, and decorative pieces until we captured the right look!
Your Christmas tree and holiday decorations can be fun, wonderful, and affordable! Make your holiday décor special this year with these convenient ideas!

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