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DIY Christmas Decorations with the Kids (Part 1)

November 10th, 2013

For me, the second week of November is the time not only to start thinking about Thanksgiving, but also to start working on making ornaments for the Christmas tree. With plenty of Christmas tree decorating trends on the web, I decided to recreate some for our tree this year. If you’re looking for some DIY inspiration this holiday season, here are some Christmas tree decorating ideas you can try!

Mold ornaments for fun

Molding your own ornaments gives you more freedom when designing your tree!

image (4)
Molded apple cinnamon ornaments waiting for their turn in the oven.


The kids helped me with this cinnamon apple project from Katy Elliot. This craft is economical, easy, and fun to do with the kids. Plus, the ingredients make a ton and they smell great on the tree! For this particular Christmas décor, I shelled out $12 for all the materials, mostly because the baker’s twine was pricey at $8. I could probably have found the cinnamon for less as well (I heard you could get it for $1 at a dollar store), but I bought mine on sale at our local Kroger since it’s the one most accessible.


fun with dough
(left) My six-year-old tried to eat the dough (plastic and all), and (right) my four-year-old twin boy pretended it was dirt to drive his toy car in!


Children molding apple cinnamon dough
The kids molding the dough


apple cinnamon ornaments on a baking pan
The finished products—baked and outfitted with strings!


If you have extra time on your hands and you want to make something craftier, try this clay ornament project from A Beautiful Mess. Using a cookie cutter, cut your rolled-out clay into any shape you want, bake, then paint. This idea lets your creativity shine through with all the possible designs you can use!


I’m also planning to make clay ornaments and salt dough ones. The salt dough ornaments is definitely a cheaper route, but I also want to compare which process is easier and which turns out prettier, so stay tuned!

Add a touch of fab with gold


painted pinecones
(left) Materials needed for spray painting pine cones, and (right) a bunch of pine cones painted in gold leafing


Remember these recycled pine cones painted with gold leafing? Well, I finally finished all of them and put them in a bowl as a lovely centerpiece.

This project is quite expensive and time-consuming. I bought a pack of 15 pine cones at Bed, Bath & Beyond at $5. The gold spray paint and the leaf metal adhesive cost $6 each, the leaf metal $8, and the metal leaf spray $9. That’s a total of $34, plus about more than two hours of work! But I have to say that the end product was totally worth it.


pine cone bowl
Gold pine cones in a bowl


I intend on using some of these pine cones on a garland, and I also plan to put them on this lovely white Christmas tree that I have.

Gather your kids and have fun with these DIY Christmas tree decorating ideas! If you have more ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Photos by Jen Lutz

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