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DIY Christmas Decorations with the Kids (Part 2)

November 12th, 2013

A few days ago, I shared some DIY Christmas décor that I’m planning to use for the holidays. I had so much fun making those Christmas ornaments that I decided to take on a few more DIY projects. This 2nd post on Christmas tree decorating ideas offers cheaper alternatives for your ornaments!
Get Inspired by Paper
Make use of your old maps and atlases with these amazing Christmas decorating ideas.
Map ornaments

Turn your old vacation maps into memorable pieces with this easy map ornament project from the Home Idea DIY Blog. Gather your old maps, carve some pieces of cardboard or wood into shapes you like, and paste your maps on the carved wood or cardboard for an instant memorabilia. What’s great about this project is that you can either display it as it is or string it up using twine for a more versatile look.


Leelanau Peninsula map pasted on a Michigan-shaped cut-out
Make your own map ball ornaments

For this project, I used a Michigan cookie cutter (Michigan is shaped like a mitten). This summer, we vacationed up north, so I decided to use the map of the Leelanau Peninsula, which we visited, on the ornament. I traced the cookie cutter onto the cardboard, cut it with an X-acto knife, and mod podged the same-shaped map onto the cardboard. I glued red cardstock at the back, wrote our family name and the vacation date, then mod podged all over it. Now all I need are a hole punch and a ribbon to hang the ornament!

Back of Michigan-shaped ornament
Write the date of your family vacation at the back of your map ornament

This map ornament is basically free since I already had some cardboard in our recycling bin, plus the X-acto knife, mod podge, red cardstock, and map were all available in our house.
Aside from hanging your map ornament on your tree, you can also give it to the people who went with you on the trip!
Atlas Christmas balls

This Christmas tree decorating idea brings a soft touch to your décor. Emily Henderson’s The Holiday Guide published on ISSUU shows us how to create an atlas ball ornament. All you need are a Styrofoam or clear glass ball, an old atlas book, circle cutters, glue, and some string or twine to hang your ornaments with. I bought nine Styrofoam balls for $7 at Hobby Lobby, although they’re probably cheaper in other stores.
For livelier ornaments, use an atlas book with pastel colors. You can also make your atlas ball ornaments more distinct by alternating between colored circles and ones with text.
Give Your Christmas Balls a Facelift
Don’t throw out your old Christmas balls just yet. Whether you want something glamorous or something more cottage chic, here are some fabulous decorating ideas that you can use on your old Christmas balls.
Yarn-covered balls

This is another easy DIY yarn-covered ball project from Emily Henderson’s book on ISSUU. Starting from the bottom up, wrap yarn around your Christmas ball using a hot glue gun. You only need to glue down the first strand, and then wind it around the Styrofoam ball just like a ball of yarn. Repeat the process as many times as you want if you’re looking for a layered look. For something even more fun, make yarn-covered ornaments in the color scheme of your choice or use different colored yarns!

Styrofoam balls, glue gun, and different colored yarns
Take out your extra balls of yarn from storage and start making yarn-covered Christmas balls

These yarn ball ornaments are affordable and easy to make as well. I have a glue gun at home and a lot of leftover yarn going to waste since I’m a knitter. I only needed to buy Styrofoam balls.

I would also love to try these rag ball ornaments next time!
Filled clear Christmas ornaments

I love the idea of dressing up clear glass ornaments―it’s simple and affordable. Pop open a clear Christmas ball and fill it up with tinsel, yarn, or confetti, and you’ll have a fantastic ornament for your tree! And the best thing about this DIY ornament project is that you can change out the stuffing to match your chosen color theme. Talk about crafty!
Glittery Christmas balls

Give your drab ornaments a fabulous makeover using glitter! Grab a handful of glitter bottles in various colors at your local supply store, then go crazy with designing your ornaments! There are plenty of ways you can use glitter to vamp up your clear glass ornaments. You can fill up the glass ornament with glitter, or coat the ball exterior with glue, roll it in plenty of shimmery powder, then let it dry before hanging it up. You can also make glamorous shapes using glitter―the possibilities are endless!
What will you be making for your tree this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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