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DIY Diva’s Living Room (Revisited)

November 8th, 2013

One of my favorite jobs as a blogger and design enthusiast is following home makeovers. Whether it’s a complete redo or a simple update such as tweaking furniture arrangement, changing the look and function of a space is an exciting endeavor. So when I chanced upon Kit Stanley of DIY Diva’s living room makeover, I got giddy with curiosity and excitement.

Kit just bought a 150-year-old farmhouse and she’s now updating the rooms to match them with her personality and lifestyle. One of her long list of projects tackles the living room. Here’s how the living room originally looked.

old photos of a pink living room with improper lighting

Half of the fun of a makeover is seeing the after. See how the living room went from dated to wow? I love how she updated the space while still celebrating its history. That horse figurine in the bookcase is a nice, warm touch. The new wall color is also a major improvement, as it gives the living room a bright, airy feel.

living room with a bookcase filled with books and a horse figurine

One of my favorite pieces is the pigeon cage coffee table, an addition that certainly adds to the room’s character. Vintage cart-style tables are actually on trend, but I rarely see one with shelving or storage space. I think this photo has just inspired me to start a DIY coffee table project! Any idea where I can find an old carrier pigeon cage? If you want a more vintage industrial look, you can also make one from a reclaimed factory cart or wagon.

This chalkboard is also a fun addition. It’s further proof that something simple can make a big impact. I’m definitely putting this in my project list! They warm up a room with cheery quotes or can simply be used for last minute reminders!

I might recreate the chalkboard in my kitchen and use it to remind me of what I need to do or buy.

Amazing how so many fun ideas can come up from just reading a wonderful post! I hope we’ve inspired you with these creative ideas.


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