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Home Decor 101: Straight Up Christmas

November 25th, 2013

Texture was the highlight of our previous series post, and in it, we learned how to make a room more interesting and how to add texture to your space using different ways. For this month’s Home Décor 101 post, we’ll go straight-up Christmas using an inspiration piece for your holiday décor.
In this month’s Home Décor 101 post, we’ll talk about:

  • Finding your inspiration piece
  • How to glean Christmas decorating ideas using your inspiration piece
  • How to use those ideas in action

With your inspiration piece, you’ll be able to create a wonderful theme for your Christmas decorations this year!

Finding Your Inspiration Piece

I love inspiration pieces, and I use them often when changing up our décor! An inspiration piece is an item that you want to use in your décor, building your room’s design around it.

An inspiration piece can be anything―a rug, a new curtain, or that lovely couch you saw at the store. It can also be found anywhere! At the furniture shop downtown, in the attic when you were cleaning and reorganizing things, or if you’re like me, from your mother. Remember those lovely pieces of dining room furniture?

Using Your Inspiration Piece

An inspiration piece can give you ideas on what colors to use or what accessories to include in your décor. Study your inspiration piece and think up of ways you can use it and why you chose it. Will you place it on the mantel or use it as a dining room centerpiece?
Its design aspects are also important. For example, if your inspiration piece is a transitional decor item, then it will feel right at home both in a traditional and in a contemporary setting.

Choosing the Colors

The easiest way to use your inspiration piece is to think up of colors that will match your chosen item. If your rug has a beautiful Oriental design in blue and purple, then you can use accessories in the same colors. You can also use home décor items that have lighter or darker shades than the colors of your inspiration piece. This way, you’ll have a layered yet harmonious look to your room without going overboard. Using various shades also prevents the room from looking monochromatic, and therefore, unappealing.
For Christmas, I enjoy finding holiday décor that I love, and then decorating the room with those pieces in mind. Having a living room and a family room gives me more decorating options. This year, we’re going to use a winter white theme in the living room and a more traditional red and green theme in our family room.

White Christmas Living Room

Our living room has cream walls and blue carpeting that I’m itching to get rid of, but since those projects aren’t in this year’s budget, I decided to just decorate with a theme that doesn’t compete with the room’s colors.
My inspiration: the star

wooden star tree topper, twigs in a jar, and other knick-knacks on mantel
Wooden star/tree topper as inspiration

I found the star at Homegoods and decorated the mantel and tree around this piece. The star is made up of twigs and pine cones, and features a cream/white color to it.

winter white Christmas mantel with white wreath, white ornaments, and white star
White-themed mantel for the living room

Using the star as the inspiration piece, I decided on white, beige, and cream as the colors to use for the room. I used a lit white Christmas wreath to hang above the mantel. The wreath is simple, only decorated with a burlap ribbon, but it still complements the theme I have in mind. Afterwards, we pulled in branches and twigs from outside, and I put them in clear mason jars filled with decorative beads to keep them upright. Then, I put in pine cones and burlap to add more texture to the arrangement, before layering with other decorative pieces and candles in shades of white.
They look lovely at night, when they’re all lit up!

wooden star tree topper when lit at night
Close up of the star display at night


lit white wreath above mantel with knick-knacks
The wreath and mantel illuminated by clear lights

I love how the clear lights make the mantel display lovelier and more brilliant!

clear, silver, and paper ornaments on white tree
Go all white with paper and clear and white ornaments!

For the white Christmas tree, we used silver and cream ornaments, clear glass Christmas balls, Lear, and a few baubles with a touch of gold. I also used some pages from an old book we haven’t been using for a long time because it goes well with the theme!

white tree topper made of pages from a book on white tree
This lovely topper goes perfectly well with the star on the mantel!


white wreath on top of the mantel and a white christmas tree lit
It looks fantastic when lit!


Red and Green Classic Family Room

For our family room, the inspiration piece is easy―the traditional fireplace.

traditional Christmas decor on fireplace and mantel with wreath, garland, and stockings
The traditional fireplace served as our inspiration piece

Our family room has the kind of fireplace that reminds you of classic Christmas films and their amazing décor. The room also has wooden beams, which lend the space a more traditional Christmas theme. I took cues from the apple cinnamon ornaments I made with my children, and finally, from my caroler figurines.

caroler figurine on Christmas mantel
The caroler figurines add to the traditional vibe of the room

In keeping with the classic theme, I used an evergreen wreath and garland with clear lights, left the books on the mantel (because hardbound books always look perfect in a traditional design), then added thick, red candles in varying heights for layering. I rounded off the fireplace Christmas decorations with six red stockings for Santa to fill!

lit Christmas tree, wreath, and garland in a room
A green Christmas tree  makes for a perfect traditional piece of decor

If you’re having trouble finding Christmas decorating ideas this year, choose an inspiration piece and build a theme around it!
Visit again next time for another Home Décor 101 post!


Photos by Jennifer Lutz

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