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How to Organize Your Home for Winter

November 11th, 2013

In Michigan, the temperature drops as soon as November comes in, and snow follows right after. Get ready for the upcoming winter months with a well-organized and winterized home. Organize your home to be winter-friendly this season with these simple yet effective home organizing tips.
Ready the Mudroom

Organized mudroom with coats and boots

I’m always looking for new ways to tame the mudroom chaos, especially during winter when there seems to be no end to gloves, snow pants, and boots. Assigned bins and cubbies is one solution. I’m always working with the kids to keep their winter accessories corralled.


Coats, boots, and mittens on the mudroom floor
Avoid a messy mudroom by providing bins and cubbies

Here’s a perfect example of what happens if you don’t have an organized mudroom!
Use Floor Mats

warm brown floor mat for the entryway, in geometric patter

Floor mats are a home’s best friend when preparing for winter. They cut down on tracking in snow, slush, and dirt all around the house. And since it’s winter, I suggest using highly absorbent and waterproof mats, especially in high-traffic areas.
Keep Winter Tools on Hand

Tool shed with rakes, snow shovel, and other tools

As early as you can, search for winter tools, such as your snow shovel and snow blower, and place them in your garage, mudroom, or an area where you can easily get them when needed.

lawn dusted with snow
Lawn dusted lightly with snow

Early snowfall surprises me every year, just like it did this morning. I was really wishing that we had started prepping the yard for winter (covering the sandbox and putting up summer toys). Luckily, the snowfall was only a dusting and we didn’t need shovels.
Stow away mechanical equipment
Your lawn mowers and barbecue grills won’t be used much during the winter, so keep them from getting rusty! Clean and wipe down your outdoor equipment before storing them in the garage for the winter. Also, it is better if you cover them up with a heavy tarp to keep them away from dust and dirt that might accumulate during storage.
Make your winter more organized and less crazy with these home organizing tips! Which one of these tips do you like best?


Photos by Jen Lutz

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