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Jen’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

November 13th, 2013

It’s only the second week of November, but it’s never too early to prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner! For today’s post, I have for you the list of recipes I love using for Thanksgiving. This year, celebrate with great food with these fantastic Thanksgiving dinner recipes!

Serve a Classic Thanksgiving Turkey

Of course, front and center on a Thanksgiving table is the traditional roasted turkey. This classic Thanksgiving turkey recipe with our basic herb stuffing is from my fave, Ina Garten. This recipe has all the zest and spice you need for a wonderfully traditional main dish!

Top with a Sweet/Sour Sauce

Bring a different touch to your traditional sauce with this apple-orange cranberry sauce from Williams Sonoma. I promise you, this beats the cranberry sauce from a can, and it’s pretty simple to prepare too, making it a must-have at our dinner table.

Add Some Bread

For Thanksgiving, I make pumpkin rolls using the family recipe. This year, I’m adding Parker House rolls using a recipe from Williams Sonoma. These fluffy rolls are a great addition to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

Indulge with Appetizing Side Dishes

Accompany your classic turkey with these mouth-watering recipes!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This simple yet delicious side dish gives your Thanksgiving dinner a slight sharp taste. I recommend Ree Drummond’s balsamic-roated Brussels sprouts via The Pioneer Woman. It’s a version that I’ve used before and it’s one of my favorites! Here’s also another maple-roasted Brussels sprouts recipe from Kelli of The Corner Kitchen.

Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese

This mashed potatoes with cream cheese recipe gives you the perfect texture and flavor to complement your Thanksgiving turkey.

Add Something Sweet with Dessert

Round up your dinner with pies!

Pecan Pie

My personal favorite is Ina Garten’s apple crostata. However, I also love this pecan pie recipe from The Pioneer Woman. The finely chopped pecan nuts and the sweet taste of vanilla make dessert more worthwhile. Pecan pie also happens to be my husband and brother-in-law’s favorite. I made three last year at their request. They want lots of leftover pie (or they get nervous there won’t be enough leftovers)!

Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache

This recipe has everything you can ever want for dessert: pumpkin, chocolate, and salted caramel. Add this pumpkin cake with chocolate ganache and salted caramel cream cheese frosting from Use Real Butter to your menu this year for a deliciously sweet conclusion to your Thanksgiving dinner.

These Thanksgiving dinner recipes are bound to make this holiday all the more special! If you have your favorite recipes, share them in the comments section below.


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