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5 Quick Cleaning Tips for Starting the New Year Fresh

December 30th, 2013

After the Christmas celebrations are over, the New Year celebration starts. With all the things you have to do before the festivities begin, cleaning up the house can take a backseat. Here are some quick and easy cleaning tips to help you keep a fresh-looking home before 2014 arrives!
Here are some quick and easy cleaning tips to help you keep a fresh-looking home before the new year starts!

1. Clear out the Fridge


open fridge with plenty of food inside
Clean out your fridge before preparing for the new year

We do a lot of food gifting, as well as a lot of baking, and extra cooking. The fridge can get pretty filled up, and oftentimes I forget what’s in there. I hate for holiday goodies to go to waste, and I also love to start the New Year with a clean slate (or should I say plate).

2. Recycle Wrapping Paper and Ribbons


christmas gift wrapping paper with various designs
Keep old wrapping paper for future use

Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept wrapping paper. If the paper is in good shape, you can also store it and reuse them next year. Do the same with salvageable ribbons. Keep these in storage and use them the next time you are wrapping gifts.

3. Clear Your Living Room of Debris


floor sweeper
Sweep up dust and debris for a quick clean up

Vacuum or sweep your living room to clear it of any stray wrapping paper, dust, or any other debris from your Christmas celebrations. Make sure to also clean underneath the furniture and between cushions where dirt can easily get stuck.

4. Put Gifts Away


Put away gifts ASAP

It’s amazing how rapidly gifts sitting in piles can create clutter. One of my goals each year is to get new toys, books, clothes assimilated quickly before starting preparations for the New Year.

5. Wipe Down Countertops and Floors

Of course, don’t forget to keep your counters and floors sparkly clean. Easily remove all the grit and mess of your holiday cooking and baking by wiping surfaces with a damp cloth and some soap. This will guarantee that you’ll have pristine rooms ready for the New Year!

Have a clean home before bringing in the New Year with these quick cleaning tips! How about you? Do you have some cleaning tips to share?


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