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Charming Homes Dressed Up for the Holidays

December 23rd, 2013

Just as home décor is a reflection of an individual’s style, taste and personality, Christmas décor also echoes one’s character and love for the Christmas season. This is why I look forward to visiting my loved ones over the holidays. I can get a glimpse of their personality through the ornaments and family treasures that adorn their homes and Christmas trees.

In this post, let’s take a peek at the Christmas decorations made by some friends and family members to inspire you for your next home project.

Bethany’s Christmas Tree

My friend Bethany has a style that’s a bit mid-century modern meets Brooklyn hipster. Her home decor style is always interesting, tasteful and truly one-of-a-kind. Take for example, her Christmas tree. To find something that fit comfortably in their living room, Bethany and her husband picked out a long, lanky tree. This piece is a tall, fuller towards the bottom, but gets spare towards the upper portion. With a unique silhouette, the Christmas tree looks even more charming with a gold star on top!

Bethany's Christmas tree

What I appreciate about her home decor, is that she makes easy updates that’s both on trend and affordable. Her plaid throw blanket is from TJ Maxx, and she actually stenciled the gold pattern onto her throw pillows. . These ideas are not just cool and beautiful, but they’re also cost-effective and truly inspiring!

sofa with throw pillow and plaid throw blanket

My Mom’s Living Room

My mom’s aesthetic leans more on the rustic, Pottery Barn-esque side, which is evident in the details found in the room. I love the upcycled crate decorated with pine cones and winter berries. She also always switches out pillows for each season. This wreath pillow from Pottery Barn is my favorite.

rustic living room for the holidays

I love the effort she makes in adding little touches of Christmas in every nook and cranny.

little touches of Christmas in every nook and cranny

The theme carries over to her tree, which is decorated with textured ornaments. It is also adorned with a berry garland that gives it a pop of red. I love how she breathes style into her space through these little adorable details. One of my favorite ornaments in her Christmas tree is the bird that features a houndstooth pattern, an addition that is both fresh and stylish.

fresh and stylish Christmas tree ornaments

Stephanie’s Porch

I drive past my friend Stephanie’s house every day when I pick up my kids from school and her front porch always stands out with its classic beauty. In the photo, we can see that she placed a pretty Christmas tree and hung a wreath on the door. What’s interesting about the tree are its rustic tips highlighted by lovely clear lights. I’m used to seeing garland or smaller trees flanking an entryway, but I love the simplicity and character of this beautiful tree.

Stephanie's Christmas tree

The places you love visiting can give you the most unique decorating inspirations. Visit your loved ones today and appreciate how their home connects with their personality.

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