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Fun, Fresh, and Frugal New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

December 26th, 2013

Another Christmas is over and everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the New Year. Kick up the fun and liven up your usual New Year’s celebration by trying out these fresh and festive merrymaking ideas.

1. The operative word in New Year’s Eve is “new”, so now is a great time to try something fresh and different. Try experimenting with a new style of table setting for your party.

If your place settings are usually very formal and traditional, why not try a more eclectic holiday look? Go for mix of rustic elements, such as a burlap table cloth, gold-colored goblets and candle holders, and a simple floral centerpiece. This will be a delightful change of pace.

2. Add a bit of New Year’s oomph to your existing Christmas interiors by hanging lengths of curled ribbon from lamps, doorways, mantels, and mirrors.

Orange balloons hanging on ceiling

Balloons are an easy and festive decorating option. Here’s a wonderful idea: Instead of tying them down to a chair, let them hang gracefully from the ceiling.

3. Traditional New Year’s Eve party favors such as hats, horns, tiaras, and feather boas may seem silly but everyone, young and old, still love them. Place these items in a big decorative bowl or around the table as décor, and let guests use them as they wish.

Party hats on place settings

On your party invitations, encourage guests to bring an unusual noisemaker, like a pair of maracas, your kid’s toy drum set, or even a brass horn, to add to the merrymaking.

4. A BYOB party is a practical and perfectly acceptable way to cut down on costs, but make sure to serve your guests with a specialty drink that can be enjoyed throughout the evening and used for toasting at the stroke of midnight.

This Champagne Sangria Punch from Iowa Girl Eats is a fizzy cocktail that features Champagne and various fruits soaked in Riesling wine. This sparkling creation looks and tastes amazing, and is a great way to extend your supply of bubbly.

5. For gatherings with close friends and family members, have some fun by playing a guessing game using each other’s New Year’s resolutions. Ask guests to write their top promise for the year on slips of paper. You can also provide cards with guide questions, such as “What bad habit do you want to quit?” or “What new skill do you want to learn?”

Sticky note with New Year's resolution

Gather the answers, read them aloud at random, and then let the group try to guess who wrote what.

6. Photo booths are becoming a popular fixture at wedding receptions, baby showers, and birthday celebrations. It’s a great way to capture interesting and memorable photos with guests hamming it up for the camera. Instead of renting from a supplier, follow the simple instructions listed here to set up your own glittery sequined photo booth.

Aside from the usual posed, group pictures, try to sneak in some candid and action shots. Shoot some impromptu portrait snaps of your guests while they’re wearing a fun prop, such as a funny hat, a pair of funky glasses, or a fake moustache.

If you have more fun, fresh, and frugal ideas for a New Year’s Eve party, come and share your tips on the comments section.

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