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Get the Look: White House Blue Room Christmas Tree

December 16th, 2013

The unveiling of the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room is an anticipated event during this time of year. Trimmed and made beautiful by a mass of volunteer decorators, the design of each year’s holiday centerpiece features Christmas ornaments and a color combination that brings a festive cheer to the elegant space of the President’s residence. Here are some Christmas tree decorating tips that’ll give you the opportunity to capture the appeal and sophistication of that grand tree in America’s most famous home.

Aim for a full-shaped tree


Full look of the White House Christmas tree - blue paper ornaments, gold ornaments, and gold ribbons
The full look of the White House Christmas tree


The White House favors an 18 1/2-foot Douglas Fir, a tree that showcases a lushness and an elegance perfect for the Blue Room. To get the same look, start by using a full-shaped tree. The abundant needles not only capture that elegant look, but it also makes it easier for you to hang your ornaments and other decorations!

Combine Gold and Paper


blue paper ornament with gold ornaments and yellow Christmas lights - White House Christmas tree
Adding gold ornaments and ribbon gives your tree an elegant touch


This White House Christmas tree features ornaments from previous administrations. These pieces are decorated with paper and a piece of blue ribbon so that it can easily be hung on the tree’s branches. To get the look, you can start by making your own paper ornaments. Change the twine and use a ribbon instead to give your decorations a new appearance.

You can also add gold Christmas ornaments to give your tree a classic holiday atmosphere! Cover your old ornaments in gold paint or sprinkle them with glitter to add your own lustrous touch to your Christmas tree.

Add decorating accents


One look at the White House Christmas tree and you’ll notice how dazzling and plentiful it looks. You can get the same appearance without going over your budget by incorporating small accents to your entire display. The simplest way to do this is to add ribbons. Wide ribbons add visual weight and layer to your Christmas tree, making it appear more abundant.


close up of paper ornament accentuated with decorative crystal berries - White House Christmas tree
Put decorative crystals to add sparkle without adding more lights


Another Christmas tree accent option is decorative glass berries. They come in plenty of hues, making it easier for you to match your chosen color scheme. Place these decorative berries all over your tree and watch as the lights reflects off of them!

Replicate the design of the White House Christmas tree with these easy ideas and affordable decorations. With these ornaments and accessories, you can have a beautiful White House-inspired tree that brings out your personal touch!

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