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How to Child-Proof Your Tree

December 8th, 2013

We know how much our little ones love Christmas and all the bright sparkly trimmings that go with it. But they can get a little over enthusiastic at times and extra precaution is needed to prevent untoward incidents. Keep your children safe from broken ornaments and faulty Christmas lights this holiday season with these quick and easy safety tips!

Pick the Perfect Location for Your Tree

The Christmas tree is the crowning jewel of any holiday interior. It will look amazing in almost any part of the house. However, to keep your Christmas tree child-proof, place it in an area where it won’t be toppled by active children playing and running around.



A corner space works well for your Christmas tree because it offers protection on two sides. Installing baby gates help keep crawling children away from the tree. Also, if your children love to climb like mine, placing easy to mount furniture away from the Christmas tree is a good idea. For added precaution, you can anchor or tie down the tree to keep it stable and secure.

Light Up the Tree Safely


Green Christmas tree with clay ornaments, red berries, and clear Christmas lights
Keep Christmas lights hidden from the kids

Curious children can’t get enough of those twinkling lights, so keep kids safe by hiding the cords and plugs behind or underneath the tree. As for your Christmas lights, place them farther into the branches to avoid snagging. You can also buy artificial pre-lit Christmas trees with lights woven in to make it safer for your children.

Better Selection and Placement of Ornaments Help, Too


Green Christmas tree with red berries, clay ornaments, and dough ornaments
Display Christmas ornaments appropriate for your child’s age


Coming from a mom with four kids, the ornaments you use are a big factor in keeping your Christmas tree child-proof.

Size is important. Select Christmas ornaments that are large enough so children can’t eat them. Choose plastic, clay, and paper ornaments rather than breakable glass. Also select ornaments with minimal glitter or tinsel that children can accidentally swallow.

To keep your ornaments safely in place, make sure to wind them tightly to the branches. Keep glass baubles high up and out of children’s reach.

You can keep kids safe without compromising the beauty of your Christmas tree with these simple child-proofing tips! Want to learn practical ideas on making your tree look fabulous? Check out Christmas Tree Market’s Decorating Tips.


Photos by Jen Lutz

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