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Jen’s Top 5 Decorating Trends of 2013

December 29th, 2013

It has been a great year for home décor mashups, whether mixing high with low style, modern with vintage, or metal with wood.  As we move forward to 2014, let us look back on the interesting things that made home décor fun and fabulous! Here are my top 5 decorating trends of 2013.

1. Chalkboard everything

Chalkboards make a space look friendly and welcoming because they offer you the freedom to write or draw anything, making them a great tool for home decor. Now, with chalkboard paints available in the market, homeowners can make any surface look fun and even functional!

Our post about creating a festive entryway saw this gilded chalkboard frame serve as a charming background for a simple green wreath. This is one of my favorites as it easily provides that personal touch instantly by just scribbling your favorite adage or making an illustration. Make the space even more dynamic by changing the writing every now and then! This year, walls, cupboards, and even gift wraps were given a charming touch as they were turned into writing surfaces.

2. Plaid

Plaid is a classic, but the pattern became a popular theme this season because of the warmth and texture it lent the atmosphere. The trend was seen from throw pillow to holiday-themed tartan blankets throughout the year, proving that the preppy look has never gone out of style.

Textiles in plaid are among my top picks in decorating for the holiday season because of their effortless holiday look. They also offer a warm and cozy feel, making them the perfect companion while sitting by the fire on a cold Christmas night.

3. Burlap and Twine

“Burlap is one of my favorite eco-friendly materials because of its coarse texture, which gives the woven cloth its rustic charm. Made from hemp, flax or jute fibers, burlap is often used to make storage bags for grains and potatoes. Since the material is biodegradable, burlap is also perfect for people who continue to advocate their love for mother earth.

I absolutely love this burlap curtain from this post because it creates a light and airy feel, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s chic and cost effective way to dress a window. These curtains look beautiful in sunrooms or in spaces where there is abundant natural lighting.

Burlap curtains

Photos by Jennifer Lutz

Usage of burlap extended to holiday décor. Shabby chic homes decorated their Christmas trees with burlap-covered baubles hung with twines. I love how such ornaments create a cozy visual interest in the room.

4. Metal bistro chairs

I love any furniture that livens up any space. These red tabouret stacking chairs, featured in our fun finds for the 4th of July, are not only an eye candy, are not only stylish, but also easy to clean and store. Kitchens and backyards are more vibrant with these modern and stylish chairs around.

bright red chairs

Photo from

5. Painted furniture

Last October, we featured a blogger who repurposed an old room divider into a chic headboard, which was such a great project. Painting furniture is one of my favorite trends because it’s an thrifty and easy way to upcycle old pieces and transform a room.

What I love most about this project is how an old piece was able to blend harmoniously in a modern space without trying too hard. This just proves that you can do anything with the magic of painting!

As we welcome 2014, may we be inspired by the year’s trends to make our homes cozier and even more beautiful through home décor.

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