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Last-minute Table Settings and Centerpieces

December 22nd, 2013

There are a million things to do before Christmas, and something is bound to be forgotten in all the frenzy. Even when time is short, you can create a gorgeous dinner scene with a dash of creativity and a few things around the house. Try out some of these last-minute decorating ideas.

Giftwrap place-settings

Dress up your dinner table by decorating each place setting like a pretty gift. Wrap plates, napkins, and silverware with a wide ribbon. You can use ones that match your Christmas palette, or you can individualize each place setting with a different color or material to match a guest’s style or personality.

Use a silky satin ribbon for an elegant look, or a delicate organza one for a dainty finish. After the meal, collect the ribbons so you can use it for another dinner party or even to wrap gifts with.

Use fruits as name-card holders

Name-card holders are an often overlooked detail that can add a tasteful touch to any table. If pressed for time, you can fashion name-card holders out of ripe, seasonal fruits. Print out the name tags on simple card stock, punch a hole on one side, and hang the tag on a pear’s stem.

Alternatively, you can attach the tag with cotton string, twine, or mini wooden clothespins. For smaller or more rounded fruits, such as apples, secure the name cards with a pearl-topped pin.

Craft easy candle décor

Candlelight creates a warm and relaxing dining atmosphere. Decorative candles are lovely but can be pricey, while scented ones can overwhelm the appetizing aroma of the food. Instead, fashion an inexpensive yet stylish showcase by placing white or cream pillar candles inside hurricane vases. Place a ring of cedar leaves around the base of each urn, accent it with a few pine cones, and then tie a striped holiday ribbon around it. Add some height to this fun display by placing one of the vases on an attractive milk glass pedestal.

No hurricane vases? Embellish your pillar candles with thumbtacks and pushpins instead. Stick red and green pins, or pins that match your holiday scheme, to form a colorful border at the base of each candle. Place the festive-looking display on pewter platters and you’re good to go.

Create a charming centerpiece from ornaments

Your guests are arriving in 30 minutes and you don’t have a centerpiece! Don’t fret because all you need to do is fill a clear glass bowl or container with pretty ornaments “borrowed” from your gracious Christmas tree.

This collection of silver glass ball ornaments adds elegance and cheer to your dining table instantly. Embellish it further with beads, pine cones, berries, flowers, and foliage. You may also use a charger plate, a cake stand, or even a multi-tiered dessert tray as a base.

When the clock is ticking, turn to these last-minute decorating tips and create a beautiful table setting quickly and easily.

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