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Last-Minute Tips for Giftwrapping

December 19th, 2013

Running out of giftwrapping materials can be bothersome, especially during the holiday season when you have plenty of presents to wrap. That’s why it helps to have plenty of backup in your craft box. For times when you need impromptu supplies for your Christmas gifts, here are some last-minute tips and ideas to save you from an emergency trip to the store!

Kraft Paper



If you run out of gift wrapper, use kraft paper instead. This material is heavier than most, which makes for easier wrapping and cleaner lines. They come in various colors, but I think white, brown, and black ones are great for giftwrapping. If you want to make it prettier, you can easily decorate them with a few easy staples like ribbons or bits of extra Christmas trimmings, such as tree clippings, berries, and pine cones. A black kraft paper gives the chalkboard effect, so you can also use white paint pen to decorate your gifts!

Bakers Twine (or Any Kind of Twine)


Baker’s twine is handy to have around because you can use them to tie up your presents In lieu of ribbons. It’s affordable, cute, and can even be used to add a fancy touch. In addition, it also looks great when paired with simple wrapping paper and boxes. You can even use them to secure tags to your gifts!

Takeout Containers



Plain white takeout boxes are affordable ways to wrap small gifts! If you’ve got a few of these lying around, use these as packaging for your presents. After, add twine or ribbons to wrap them up in. You can also use stickers for tags, or even add some berries or twigs for decoration.

Anything Leftover from the Tree


One of the best last-minute tips is to use whatever you have on hand! When you want to decorate your gifts, use your Christmas tree as an inspiration. I’m using some leftover salt dough ornaments and cinnamon applesauce ornaments as gift tags! They’re small and lovely. Best of all, they add a Christmas-y touch to your gifts, especially when you use simple wrappings such as kraft paper or white boxes. Tree clippings and a bit of extra ribbon with a sprig of berries are a beautiful touch, too. You can also print out old family photos to use as gift tags–something I do when I have the time!

Use these last-minute tips to wrap your Christmas gifts, especially when you lack the time and the materials. And if you have other tips you’d like to share, feel free to put them in the comments!

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