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Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Kids

December 12th, 2013

With Christmas Day just around the corner, a lot of parents are feeling a heightened pressure to make sure that their kids will have a blast this season. Hanging Christmas stockings filled with thoughtfully chosen surprises is a sure-fire way to achieve that goal. Not only do stocking stuffers furnish your house with that wonderful Christmas vibe, but they also bring joy to your young ones, especially if the gifts cater their interests and hobbies.

For that little extra you want to give your little ballerina, future football pro, and favorite bookworm, here’s a list of stocking stuffers!

Colored Pencils for the Artist


Colored pencils for your artistic kids
Long-lasting LYRA Colored Pencils on


Colored pencils are a favorite at my house, especially for my six-year-old budding artist. What I love about colored pencils is that they are lightweight and portable, making them easier to use for young children. They also don’t require intensive setup for kids. Most importantly, they aren’t messy, unlike markers and paints.

I love these colored pencils by LYRA. They’re definitely pricey, but they produce amazing color, don’t break easily, and are long-lasting.

Mini Board/Portable Ball Game for the Athlete



This Melissa & Doug Hang Man gives a different take on the family’s favorite game


For the sports enthusiast, a mini board/portable ball game is a great idea, especially as a gift for my seven-year-old son. There are portable basketball and soccer games that will keep your kids entertained for hours. I know that this Melissa & Doug version of Hang Man would be a hit on our road trips. Bingo and Memory are also perfect for traveling with kids.

If they’re into strategy games, there are also mini chess boards and backgammon games that kids can enjoy. Other options that my kids love are Mad Libs, word searches, and crossword puzzles.

Bookmarks for the Bookworm


Of course, there are still kids who prefer leafing through paperbacks rather than their digital counterparts. For this kind of bookworm, bookmarks are great stocking stuffers! If you want to be cool though, high-tech yet useful bookmarks are now being offered. These bookmarks are sure to inspire your kid to indulge more in reading books.

Harmonica for the Musician


two harmonicas on a table
A couple of harmonicas as stocking stuffer will make you budding musician smile wide this Christmas


You can show your support to your musically-inclined little one by gifting them with mini musical instruments, like a harmonica. A handy harmonica allows them to practice their musical talents everywhere they go!

Tiara for the Ballerina

What’s a ballerina without her tiara? Your little ballet dancer will surely love this hair accessory! Give your little girl a tiara to decorate herself with and add some crystal beads and other trinkets to the mix.


fun hair clips on Etsy
These cute clips from Etsy will make playing dress-up more fun for your daughter


If your daughter is all about the princess theme, these fun clips I found on Etsy make for creative stocking stuffers this year!

Preparing these interesting and inspiring stocking stuffers is sure to be a breeze, especially if you know the interests and hobbies of your kids. With just a bit of thought and creativity, your gifts can be affordable and still bring a wonderful experience to your kids!


Photo by cogdogblog via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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