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Quick and Easy Ways to Create a Festive Entryway

December 18th, 2013

Your house’s interior is probably all set for the holidays. However, are you sure you haven’t overlooked your foyer? While it is great to see a well-decorated interior, it only takes a few minutes to make the front entrance beautiful as well. Since the entryway is the place we welcome guests into our homes, it is nice to give it the same vibrant feel as our indoors. Here’s a list of practical and creative ideas to help you create a festive entryway perfect for Christmas.

Make a Simple Wreath Décor



Wreaths are a traditional Christmas ornament families the world over love to have and decorate. However, it can get a bit boring to see the same decorating style again and again. This year, display your plain wreath in a different way. Get an old frame with an intricate design and repaint it with gold to get that elegant look. Then, paint the back with chalkboard paint. Afterwards, place your wreath in the middle and write your favorite verse or adage around it. This simple yet unique wreath décor can be a great conversation piece for guests!

Go for that Minimalist Chic Design



Simple decorations can transform a space into something eye-catching without doing away with that crisp, clean look! For a minimalist and chic design for your foyer, frame your doorway and stairway with an evergreen garland for that welcoming touch. A garland can be lit with white lights and hung with your favorite ribbon, glass bulbs, themed ornaments, or even Christmas cards, making it easy for you to upgrade your foyer’s look.

Combine a Wall Print with Pinecones


Pinecones are perfect decorating accents during fall, but not many known that they also look great this season. For Christmas, match a fantastic wall print with two or three dried pinecones. Place this on top of your entryway console. Wooden frames and minimalist wall prints look great when paired with this outdoor piece. At the same time, it makes it easier for you to match!

Hang Pinecones


Pinecones on cones? You can never have enough of these rustic pieces in your decor! To get this look, gather dried pinecones, clean them, and place them in large cones made from old book pages. To make it prettier, add glittery twine or ribbons. Hang these on your walls using decorative hooks or rails. Attaching your pinecones to a small wood plank also gives your display a clean, cottage look. You can be as colorful as you want to, but white pinecones are great for a simple holiday display.

Make Use of Your Swags



Swags are not only for outdoor displays! Accentuate your entryway console table by draping a simple Christmas swag across the top of your framed chalkboard. Place some pinecones inside glass hurricanes for a lovelier display!
Make sure that Christmas cheer is carried into your foyer by trying these simple decorating tips! Feel free to share your own tips and ideas in the comments!

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