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5 Simple yet Impactful Home Decor Trends for 2014

January 9th, 2014

Home décor is dynamic and changes every season, and this year, the trends are a combination of simple and vibrant styles. For simple yet fashionable interior décor, watch out for these home décor trends this 2014!
1. Add a touch of gold

living room with floor lamp with gold-plated interior and wooden coffee table

Gold commonly symbolizes wealth in most cultures. A popular color last year, gold will definitely be a carry-over this new year. Add a few touches of this metallic shade to your home to make your décor more elegant. Using gold can be as simple as lining your lamps with some gold paint or using pillow cases and curtains with gold detailing―a quick and effective way to bring a hint of luxury to your interior design.

2. Bring in some patterns

breakfast nook with patterned throw pillow

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns this year! Adding design patterns to your home décor is a fun way to express your personal style. Typography and nature-themed designs are a great way to embrace this home décor trend.
3. Apply vibrant colors

colorful and patterned plates

Red, pink, yellow, blue―choose any bright color you want, you can go for it! Highlight your home with vibrant colors to make a bold decorating statement in your interiors in an affordable way.
4. Warm up your home with soft fabrics

plush cushions and soft fabrics on couches and armchairs in living room

This year, pay homage to texture with soft fabrics such as cotton, wool, or chiffon. Plush fabrics add warmth to your home décor and create a homier atmosphere in your home.
5. Steer the Blues Away with Navy Blue Pieces

kitchen with navy blue walls, cabinets, and island

One color I like is navy blue, and it’s taking up the runway this year! I’ve seen it in everything from House Beautiful to Pottery Barn‘s January edition. The dark blue shade adds a touch of elegance. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of painting my lower kitchen cabinets blue, hoping it might hide the little fingerprints on my cabinets!
Find inspiration with these simple and effective home décor trends for 2014! Which trend do you like the best?

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  • Lee Treadway

    I LOVE this color and would like to replicate it for a client who saw this article. Could you tell me more about the cabinets color and line. Is it a sherwin williams color or ben moore color??
    Thanks for your help and your designs ARE STUNNING!!!

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