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Get the Look: Ina Garten’s Dining Room

January 27th, 2014

Ina Garten is my celebrity crush! I love it when she shares her wonderful ideas on her show, “Barefoot Contessa.” Her approach to food, entertaining, and decorating is classic, simple, and beautiful, and it makes people feel at home!

Her dining room also carries the same style as her food presentation―warm, inviting, and unpretentious. If you want that welcoming East Hampton style of Ina Garten’s dining room, here are some of our tips.

Stay Simple yet Elegant

Ina Garten’s dining room staples are a cozy farm table and white tableware. From there, she couples her décor with simple table decorations and arrangements that still ooze elegance. To get the same style, utilize pieces with neutral colors, such as burlap or rattan placemats. You can also try repurposing items. Ina Garten uses basic, everyday items whenever possible, such as having a kitchen towel serve as a table napkin during casual dinners.

Add Color to the Mix

Don’t be afraid to bring color into the mix! Adding color to your dining room brings life to your tablescape. Plus, with the neutral hues already on your dining table, it’ll be easy to find shades that complement them.

Ina Garten applies color through dining table accessories and centerpieces. The best way to incorporate color into your dining table is to use the accessories you have on hand, such as table napkins and serving dishes, then top off the tablescape with a centerpiece of the same color.

Go Back to Basics with Flowers

Ina Garten loves going back to the basics, and having flowers is a simple yet lovely way to arrange your tablescape. You can even stray from the usual flower centerpiece by preparing small bunches of different flowers in glass vases and placing them at the center of the table. Ina uses in-season flowers, such as the tulips and hydrangeas seen in the photo. The best part about this is that seasonal flowers are affordable and easy to find at your local grocery store, Trader Joe’s, or warehouse, such as Costco. They’re definitely a great way to add color to and to bring the outdoors into your dining room!

With a few simple items and some playful arrangement, you can get Ina Garten’s East Hampton dining room look!

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