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Holiday Wrap-up: Organizing Your Holiday Craft Supplies

January 7th, 2014

If you are into DIY projects, you have probably been using your craft supplies like crazy during the holidays. Before you pack away all those holiday craft materials, decide first which ones you’ll be able to use more frequently, and what items you will only use for Christmas. Once you identify which item goes to which group, it’s easier to choose the best way to keep them efficiently organized.

For Materials Used All Year-round

Coloring materials, scissors, and markers are some of the materials that are not exclusive to Christmas. Make them accessible for your craft projects throughout the year through these storage ideas.
Repurpose a Shoe Organizer

Keep ordinary craft materials like crayons, watercolor, and glue in a prominent container. The plastic compartments of shoe organizers make it easy to spot the items you need in an instant!

Mount Railings on Your Walls

Railings are great for hanging cup organizers to house your colored pencils, markers, paintbrushes, and scissors. Put up railings on the walls of your crafts room so that you have easy access to all the tools you need for your artworks!
Put Them on Display
Craft materials are beautiful displays because of the variety of colors, textures, and shapes they come in. Give your room a new, colorful touch by displaying jars of colored pens, buttons, and brushes.

Mount the bottoms of the jars on your wall to make accessible containers for your pens, crayons, and clips.
Recycle Egg Cartons, Bottle Crates, and Galvanized Pails
🙂 kidzmom2009 on Pinterest.

Egg cartons are popularly used as makeshift organizers for Christmas tree ornaments. But they can also be turned into a container for essentials such as clips, erasers, and sharpeners.
If you’re into sewing or knitting, keep rolls of thread and yarn in shallow bottle crates for easy access like what Heather Bullard did as featured in Heart Handmade UK.
AverysRoom on Pinterest.

Store your markers and crayons in galvanized pails. Paint the pails any color you want or draw on them with a Sharpie for a charming display in the crafts room.

For Materials Seldom Used

Some craft materials have a seasonal use. Christmas-themed gift wraps and ornaments are best stored in a safe place or away from a busy workstation. Here are ideas on how you can store these items.
Mount Towel Bars in Cabinets

Towel bars can be mounted inside a cabinet and repurposed as a gift wrapper keeper. Use a skirt hanger to clip folded sheets of Christmas wrappers, then hang them on the towel bar. You can also store sticker papers, letter stickers, and stencils this way to keep them from crumpling.
Maximize Boxes

There are many different types of boxes and many ways to use each one. If you want to have charming accent pieces in your home, use painted boxes.
Store bigger craft tools in unused wooden crates or pallets. In this container, you won’t be able to see what’s inside, so tape a picture first of its contents, or make a list, and glue it to the cover.
You can also be as creative as Ingrid of by using chalkboard spray paint on your storage crate so you can write on it.
Arranging your craft materials can be as fun as making dĂ©cor for Christmas; it doesn’t have to be a tedious job. Enjoy the task and keep the organizing ideas flowing!

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