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Holiday Wrap-up: How to Store Your Christmas Tree

January 2nd, 2014

Christmas and the New Year have come and gone. Now it’s time to store your holiday decorations! Here are some great ways to store your Christmas tree and ornaments to start the new year right.

Storing Your Ornaments

Clean Them

Various holiday ornaments are made of different materials, so clean each of them appropriately. To clean baubles, dry-dust them instead of using water or detergent, which can remove paint. Take heirloom ornaments made of fabric, like crochet and velvet, to a professional for treatment. Use a gel-based glass cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grime from some glossy ornaments. When in doubt, use a nice soft cloth to safely clean your décor items.

Place in Storage Boxes

Now that your tree ornaments are clean and shiny, it’s time to keep them in storage containers. There are different ways to store your decorations, depending on their size and shape.

One favorite DIY option is using an egg carton. Because of its built-in compartments, egg cartons are perfect for small pieces that you can easily lose track of in a box full of ornaments. For pieces that are old and delicate, line each section of the egg carton with cotton or tissue for padding.

You can also use a set of paper or plastic cups to store ornaments. This option is great for bell-shaped ornaments, as well as baubles and icicles.

If you are like me and have acquired a lot of Christmas tree ornaments over the past years, now is a great time to do some re-organizing to make decorating next season easier. One option is arrange them according to theme, color, type, (icicles, baubles, etc.), and make (fabric, glass, plastic, etc.).

Keep each group in a labelled box. Add padding to the top and bottom before closing the box, or wrap each piece in tissue. You can also insert a cardboard divider to keep certain ornaments from rubbing against each other, thus avoiding scratches.

Christmas Tree Market also offers ornament storage bags that already come with these dividers for maximum convenience and protection.

Storing Your Tree

Clean the Tree

Before storing your tree, make sure to clean it and its surrounding area first. Check out Christmas Tree Market’s tips on how to clean an artificial Christmas tree.

Dismantle the Tree

Before disconnecting the sections and branches, light up the tree one more time to see if there are burned out lights that need to be replaced. Then, dismantle the tree and unfluff each branch as you go. By compressing the branches, you can make more room in the container, at the same time preserving the tree’s needles, branches, and lights. To do this, remove the top section of the tree first then turn it upside down. Press the branches and tips gently toward the center pole. Do this until you reach the bottom of the Christmas tree. Tie the bottom and middle sections with a cloth-covered cord or twine to keep it compressed.

Store in a Tree Bag

Artificial Christmas trees often come with a tree bag. Use this to protect your tree from dust and other elements. Place the bagged tree in its original box for safekeeping if you are to store it in the attic. Add in some deodorizers in the box to keep the tree smelling fresh throughout the year.

Packing away your holiday decorations does not need to be a tedious chore. Take the time to organize your ornaments and store your tree properly to keep them looking beautiful for the next holiday season.

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