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Holiday Wrap-up: Storing the Kids’ Christmas Crafts

January 6th, 2014

As a mom, some of my favorite treasures and memories are the crafts the kids make.  And during the Christmas season, our children’s artwork adorn our tree, doorways, and fridge. Now that the holidays are over, I have to decide what to do with the various ornaments and crafts.
When it comes to keeping the kids’ work, I have two warring sides: sentimental Jen who loves memories and wants to save every bit of paper the kids draw on, and realistic Jen who can only take so much of craft clutter. I’ve counted no less than 20 new ornaments that the kids brought into the house this year.  And this doesn’t take into account paper angels and Santa drawings. Here are a few of my tips for preserving your kids’ Christmas memories without the crazy clutter.
Decide What to Keep and Discard
As a proud mom, it is only natural for me to think that my kids’ artwork is adorable. The problem with this is that if I allowed it, the kids’ artwork would overrun the house. My six-year-old is one of the biggest culprits! He’s an amazing crafter, but he also wants me to save every paper towel roll and piece of cardboard that comes into the house.
So, I’ve developed a system to save some of his masterpieces and discard the rest.  But if you have a difficult time throwing artwork away, store it digitally instead. Applications like Artkive are a great tool for archiving your children’s projects. They allow you to enjoy your kids’ works without dealing with the clutter. Whether you’re discarding or keeping an artwork, take a good picture of it first to keep it forever.
Store their DIY Projects

Because crafts come in different forms, there are also several ways to store them. Keep ceramic crafts in a box and store the box in a cool dry place. Make sure to wrap each piece in tissue first to protect the paint that your children have worked hard on. Use file folders to organize paper crafts, and group them according to year, type of artwork, or other categories.


Identify Which Artworks to Display
If you want to display the crafts your kids made this Christmas, keep them in the same box where you store your Christmas ornaments. You can also place a kids’ Christmas artwork box near your Christmas decor containers, so that you have easy access to your children’s best holiday creations. Their crafts are among the best Christmas ornaments and wall décor you can ever display at home, so better take good care of them!
Keep Craft Supplies Nearby

Lastly, store craft materials, such as crayons, markers, pencils, and glue in plastic boxes, unused vases, tin cans, or mason jars. Keep materials that are seldom used, like glitter and fabric paint, in a sealed box. I place crayons, markers, and colored pencils in easy to reach containers, and store the messier supplies to be used only with adult supervision.
Cherish your kid’s creations by sorting and storing them conveniently so you can showcase them proudly anytime you want!

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