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Jen Around the Web: Guest Post Round-up (Part 4)

January 28th, 2014

The latter part of 2013 was filled with plenty of guest post writing, so I’ll take this opportunity to feature those posts and thank my hosts for letting me write for them. Here are the home décor guest posts from October to November, 2013!

“Reviving Old Furniture with Color: A Quick Guide to Refinishing and Repainting” for Natural Papa


A how-to guide on painting old furniture to get an entirely new look
Photo from Natural Papa


Giving old pieces of furniture a new paint job is easier than you think! In this post, you’ll find step-by-step details on how to choose, prep, and paint old furniture to make it look new again!

“Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Spaces” for PCM Lifestyle


Fall-themed home decor ideas for outdoor spaces
Photo from PCM Lifestyle


I love decorating for fall! This guest blog post features some of the easiest ways to perk up your home décor for autumn without shelling out a lot of cash.

“Create Elegant Outdoor Spaces for Fall” for Metropolitan Organizing



As I’ve mentioned above, I love decorating for fall, and dressing up your outdoor areas in fall themes is just like having an extension of nature right on your own patio or porch. This post gives fall-inspired home design ideas for your outdoor spaces!

“Top Home Improvement Design Ideas To Amp Up Your Porch This Fall” for Dumb Little Man


Creative ideas to decorate your porch for fall
Photo from Dumb Little Man

The porch also needs attention, and adding some natural elements or changing out accessories can do the trick nicely! This post presents quick ways to perk up your front porch.

“Fun with Refashioned Furniture” for The Trendy Treehouse



If you’re wondering what to do with all your old furniture, this post is perfect for you! There are plenty of fun ways you can repurpose your old household items with just a few tweaks!

“Growing Produce in an Indoor Garden” for Pantry Paratus


How-to guide on planting your own countertop garden
Photo from Pantry Paratus


Having an indoor garden can do wonders for your cooking, especially when you want your produce as fresh as they can get. This post details how you can make your own countertop garden and how you can take care of your plants!

“A Twist to Traditional Holiday Décor” for Inside Digs


Creative and fun ideas for your holiday decor
Photo from Inside Digs


If you’re tired of the usual holiday décor, then add some whimsy to it! This article details some fun and exciting ways to decorate for the holidays!

“Bring Fab to Your Furniture with Paint” for Simply Squared Away



When you’re looking for a makeover without the expense, you can always just paint your old furniture! This post from Simply Squared Away lists down the steps on how you can paint your furniture to make them look new again!

“An Oasis Space in (Virtually) Any Room: Creating Home Hideaways” for Everything Storage


An easy guide on organizing your home
Photo from Everything Storage


Organizing your home can be easy if you do it one step at a time. This post features some convenient ways to stay on top of organizing your home!

“Ten Sweet and Simple Seasonal Traditions” for Tip Hero


A collection of holiday traditions
Photo from Tip Hero


Give your kids memories to last a lifetime with holiday traditions! This post features 10 traditions you can pass on to your kids to make their holidays even more special!

“Transforming Trash to Treasures” for Creative Homemaking



Refurbish and repurpose old household items with ease! This article talks about fun and amazing ways on how to give new life to the household items you no longer use!

“First Time Homeowners: Freshen Your Patio and Porch for Fall” for AmeriFirst Blog


Porch decorating ideas for first-time homeowners
Photo from AmeriFirst Blog


For first-time homeowners, decorating the porch can get a bit overwhelming. This post details easy and creative ways on how to decorate your outdoor spaces for fall.

“How to Drive up Sales with “Stocking Stuffer” Promotions” for Work-At-Home Success



For small businesses, Christmas time is the season for more sales! In this article, find out how you can turn stocking stuffers into revenue for the holidays!

“Top Picks for Christmas Stocking Stuffers” for Idea Café


Stocking stuffer ideas for better sales
Photo from Idea Cafe


After presenting your stocking stuffers in the best possible way, here are some stocking stuffer ideas that kids and grown-ups will enjoy. This article features some of the best stocking stuffers for small businesses.

This guest post round-up is longer than most because I’ve had the loveliest hosts last year! Stay tuned for our next batch of guest posts!

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