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Jen’s Home Decor Projects for 2014

January 14th, 2014

Yes, I have a handful of home décor projects set for this year! Most of these are a continuation of last year’s to-do list and touch-ups of the rooms. Here are my home decorating projects for this year:

Painting Projects

Here are the rooms and things I need to paint:

1. The twins’ room

2. The master bedroom

3. Kitchen cabinets – Painting the kitchen cabinets is actually my wishful thinking project. I know what I want, I just need the courage to tackle it!

4. Furniture – There are lots of furniture I would love to paint this year: dressers, side tables, and a bench.

I guess painting seems to be the main theme of my home decorating projects this year.

Finishing the Landscaping

I’ve talked about how we’ve started landscaping the front yard in a previous post. Hopefully, we’ll finish the landscaping in the spring because there are still a lot to do!

Touch-ups in the Guest Room

before and after photo of a guest bedroom with new flooring and repainted walls
(l-r) Before and after photos of the guest bedroom

The guest room has already been painted and has a new floor, fresh windows, baseboards, and new lighting.

Bed with a floral bedspread
New flooring, fresh linens, curtains. Now, it just needs a few tweaks!

We just need to touch up paint, mount hooks, hang photos, and add a dresser or wardrobe to the room.I’ll still be changing up our home décor here and there, so wish me luck with these projects!


Photos by Jennifer Lutz

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