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Jen’s Home Decor Projects for 2014

January 14th, 2014

Yes, I have a handful of home décor projects set for this year! Most of these are a continuation of last year’s to-do list and touch-ups of the rooms. Here are my home decorating projects for this year:

Painting Projects

Here are the rooms and things I need to paint:

1. The twins’ room

2. The master bedroom

3. Kitchen cabinets – Painting the kitchen cabinets is actually my wishful thinking project. I know what I want, I just need the courage to tackle it!

4. Furniture – There are lots of furniture I would love to paint this year: dressers, side tables, and a bench.

I guess painting seems to be the main theme of my home decorating projects this year.

Finishing the Landscaping

I’ve talked about how we’ve started landscaping the front yard in a previous post. Hopefully, we’ll finish the landscaping in the spring because there are still a lot to do!

Touch-ups in the Guest Room

before and after photo of a guest bedroom with new flooring and repainted walls
(l-r) Before and after photos of the guest bedroom

The guest room has already been painted and has a new floor, fresh windows, baseboards, and new lighting.

Bed with a floral bedspread
New flooring, fresh linens, curtains. Now, it just needs a few tweaks!

We just need to touch up paint, mount hooks, hang photos, and add a dresser or wardrobe to the room.I’ll still be changing up our home décor here and there, so wish me luck with these projects!


Photos by Jennifer Lutz

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Jennifer Lutz is a design and decorating enthusiast who has over a decade of experience staging professional home décor photo shoots. Her expertise also includes home design for special events such as holiday gatherings and family celebrations. She collaborates with clients and other design professionals to transform ordinary rooms into stunning spaces.

A mother of four lively children, she has quickly become a shortcut guru, making each holiday (Christmas in particular) a special, memory-filled event while staying within a budget and balancing a very full life. How does she do it? With creative, affordable, quick and easy projects for the holidays and the home.

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