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Jen Around the Web: Guest Post Round-up (Part 5)

February 3rd, 2014

Here’s another round of home décor guest posts I’ve written last year! Included are articles I’ve written for Conduit, Lifehack, and a variety of other blogs!
Conduit and Lifehack Posts
I enjoyed writing for Conduit and Lifehack, and since they’re amazing hosts, I’d like to show my appreciation for them!
“5 Amazing Apps to Be Your Personal Interior Decorator” for Conduit

Blog post on 5 apps to help you decorate your home
Photo from Conduit

When you can’t afford a personal decorator or when you want to decorate your home yourself, here are a list of apps you can use to get ideas for furniture, furniture arrangement, color combination, and everything else that you may need for interior decorating!

“Stretching Your Home Decorating Dollar with Simple Changes” for Lifehack

Blog post on simple ways to change up your décor
Photo from Lifehack

Change up your home décor with just a few touches! Written for Lifehack, this post features ideas on how you can perk up your home without spending much!
“The Many Uses of Spray Paint” for Lifehack

Blog post on the many ways you can use spray paint
Photo from Lifehack

There are plenty of ways you can use spray paint to give your home a refreshing touch. So the next time you want to change up your décor, grab a can of spray paint and take a few ideas from this post for Lifehack.
“The Most Creative Pumpkin Designs for This Fall” for Lifehack

Blog post on fun and creative ways to decorate with pumpkins for fall
Photo from Lifehack

Pumpkins are perfect for fall decorating! Here are some fun and alternative ideas for designing pumpkins for your fall décor.
“5 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Pantry Space” for Lifehack

Blog post on ways you can save space in your pantry
Photo from Lifehack

Make the most of your pantry space with these fun and simple storage ideas, as shown in this post for Lifehack.
“Fall Produce: Decor from Your Local Grocery Store” for Lifehack

Blog post on how to decorate your home with simple things you'll find at the local store
Photo from Lifehack

Who’d have thought that the simple produce found at your local grocery store is great for fall decorating? This post highlights clever ideas on how to perk up your décor with fall produce.
“These Decorating Color Schemes Will Bring You a Splendid Christmas” for Lifehack

Blog post on the different color schemes you can use for your Christmas décor
Photo from Lifehack

If you’re tired of the usual Christmas hues, here are some color schemes that you can use to give your holiday décor a new look.
“Easy DIY Christmas Decor Ideas” for Lifehack

Blog post on the DIY projects you can do for your holiday décor
Photo from Lifehack

For Christmas décor that’s more personalized, here’s a comprehensive list of quick and easy DIY projects you can easily make.
“How to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally” for Lifehack

Blog post on mosquito-repelling plants
Photo from Lifehack

Enjoy the great outdoors without putting on mosquito repellents! In this post for Lifehack, I’ve made a list of natural plants that repel mosquitoes, making these shrubs and bushes perfect for your garden!
December Blog Posts
December was also a productive month for guest posting, and I’ve gathered them all here to showcase my hosts! Here are the guest posts for the last month of 2013!
“DIY Holiday Travel Essentials for Your Tiniest Family Member” for Dog Tipper

Blog post listing DIY projects to keep your pets comfortable during trips
Photo from DogTipper

Dogs deserve to be comfortable when traveling, too! This guest post for Dog Tipper lists seven DIY projects you can make for your furry friend before taking him/her on a road trip. These projects are cute, useful, and easy to make, so they’re perfect for your pet!
“Five Practical Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Trees” for Roommates Décor


Creative ideas for alternative holiday décor
Photo from Roommates Décor

Whether you lack the space or you’re just tired of the traditional holiday display, this post highlights alternatives on how you can spread the holiday cheer in different and creative ways!
“How to Fix or Avoid the Post-Holiday Sales Slump” for The Work At Home Woman

Survive the seasonal sales slump after the holidays! This post for The Work at Home Woman lists seven ways business owners can avoid the decline in profits that usually follows the Christmas season.
“Winter Porches: What to Do (and NOT to Do)” for Tip Hero

Blog post on the do’s and don'ts of decorating your porch for the holidays
Photo from Tip Hero

Decorating your porch for the holidays can be tricky. This post for Tip Hero gives you the do’s and don’ts of holiday decorating for your porch. By following these simple and easy tips, you’ll have a chic outdoor space for the winter season.
“How to Throw a Good Fortune New Year’s Eve Party” for The Stylish Nest

A blog post on how to celebrate the New Year with good fortune ideas
Photo from The Stylish Nest

The New Year is the best time to invite good fortune into our lives. This post provides fun ideas on how you can celebrate the New Year with a good fortune-themed party!
“How to Attract Customers after the Holidays” for Small Biz Daily

Blog post on how to maintain sales after the holidays
Photo from Small Biz Daily

For this post on how to keep sales steady after the holidays, I present some ways on how you can raise your income even with the post-holiday sales slump!
These are the last guest posts for 2013! Drop by these blogs and check them out!

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