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Repurposing Christmas Decorations for Valentine’s Day

February 12th, 2014

Although it’s only been a month since I packed away my artificial Christmas tree and wreath and garland set, I thought I’d bring them back out this February for Valentine decorations that are a bit out of the box—a Valentine’s Day tree and mantel! Accompanied by DIY Valentine’s garlands, ornaments, and other easy Valentine’s Day ideas, your repurposed Christmas decorations are sure to fill your home with love.

Christmas Tree Market’s colorful artificial Christmas trees are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Give your Valentine display more personality with a pink tree adorned with adorable cherubs, a white tree wrapped in a red ribbon, or a red tree decorated all over with Valentine symbols. And don’t forget your wreath and garland decorated with pink and red ornaments, which you can place anywhere in your home!

This month, I’m decorating my Flocked White Fir Christmas Tree to be a Valentine’s Day tree! And since I’m repurposing my holiday centerpiece, why not make its decorations budget-friendly as well? Here are my simple and adorable DIY Valentine ornaments!

Christmas Tree Market's white Christmas tree decorated with pink and red hearts
Jen’s white Christmas tree repurposed for Valentine’s Day

Yarn Pompoms

Fluffy pompoms made of yarn is one of my favorite go-to decorations for my mantel and Valentine tree. This easy-to-do Valentine decoration can act as your tree baubles or as a garland, and you can make them in various shades of red. Adorn your tree with these festive pompoms for a creative take on the usual hearts and cupids commonly seen on Valentine’s Day.
To make this adorable decoration, buy a couple of bags of various-sized pompoms from your local store, a needle, and some embroidery thread or baker’s twine. Using the needle, string the pompoms on the thread or twine, leaving a bit of space in between every pompom. To add a bit of visual interest, alternate between small and big pompoms, or make use of different colors to coincide with your color scheme. Once done, drape it around your Valentine tree!
Felted Hearts
Another adorable Valentine’s day idea for your tree are felted hearts. These lovely, whimsical ornaments, made of felt and cotton, will look fetching hanging from your tree!

How to make these lovely felt hearts for your artificial Christmas tree? Buy colored felt in red, pink, and white or any color combination you would like for your Valentine decoration, thread or baker’s twine (for sewing), needle, and Fiberfill (if you want your felt hearts to be a bit plushy). Next, using a heart pattern, cut out two hearts for every one ornament you want to make. Afterwards, sew the pair of hearts together, but leave an inch or two open to make room for the stuffing. After stuffing in the Fiberfill to your liking, close up the heart, leaving enough string for hanging up. Easy as that!
XO Garland
Here’s another fun garland option for the tree or mantel: wrap your Valentine tree with an XO garland. You can easily make an XO garland with felt paper in your choice of colors and a piece of string. This Valentine decoration looks great with a red and pink color scheme, but white and pink felt also works!

An XO garland is easy to make, you just need felt in different colors and a pattern for an X, an O, and a heart. After tracing the felt, cut out the letters and shapes, then sew them together using baker’s twine or nylon. You can stitch your letters together as close or as far as you want, depending on your preferences. Afterwards, you can drape this garland around your artificial Christmas tree!
If you don’t have a tree, you can still create a beautiful mantel display with your DIY garlands. And if you have Christmas Tree Market’s Flocked White Fir Wreath and Garland, then why not create a White Valentine mantel display.

Christmas Tree Market's white Christmas wreath and garland on and above a mantel
Jen’s mantel and fireplace decorated with a white Christmas wreath and garland decorated for Valentine’s Day

White Wreath and Garland
A Christmas wreath and garland set is the way to go if you prefer a modest display for your mantel! To give it a bit of flair, decorate it with paper hearts and tissue paper flowers that match your color scheme. If you have a pre-lit wreath and garland, you can also plug it in for a bit of ambiance!
For the paper flowers, cut a piece of craft tissue into a circle, then soften the edges by trimming them. Afterwards, pinch the center of your tissue, then bunch up the paper. Using baker’s twine or jute, tie the tissue paper tightly. You’re done with the no-mess paper flower!
LOVE Letters
Keep your Valentine display interesting with some typography. Mounting letter tiles is a fresh way to decorate for Valentine’s Day without going overboard with the hearts and winged cherubs. For these LOVE letters, you can try this mod podge tutorial from Shabby Nest.

Your LOVE letters can get a bit messy, but it’s worth it! You’ll need wooden letters (from any crafts store, in any size you want), mod podge, and scrapbook paper. First, trace your letter onto the scrapbook paper, making sure that the design is facing downward. Then, cut out your letter using a craft knife or an X-acto knife. Afterwards, spread mod podge on your letter using a brush, making sure to cover the letter completely to prevent peeling. Next, line up your cut scrapbook paper over the letter, then carefully press down. Smooth out bubbles with the side of a card or flat end of a knife, and cut away any excess paper on the side of the letters. For the final touch, smooth out the edges of your letter using a piece of sandpaper, and you’re done!
Create variety in your home with these Valentine’s Day ideas! With these cute and loveable displays, you’ll make the season of love more special for family and friends!
Photos by Jennifer Lutz

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