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Simple and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

March 5th, 2014

Even if you’re not Irish, it’s still fun to deck your home with fun decorations for St. Patrick’s Day! These St. Patrick’s Day decorations are simple, easy, and delightfully Irish that you and your friends will have a great time celebrating this festival. When thinking of what to display in the different areas in your home, try checking out these simple and fun holiday decorations for St. Paddy’s Day!

A Welcome Sight on St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock Wreath for the Door


Start the celebrations right with an Irish greeting right at the entrance of your home! A twig wreath looks nice hung up on your front door. Decorate it with felt flowers in varying sizes and shades of green, and a few felt shamrocks in white or light green hues. You can round up this St. Patrick’s Day decoration with some burlap or felt ribbon.  

Pre-lit white Christmas wreath, shamrock garland, and green candles on a mantel
Our St. Patrick’s Day display with a pre-lit white Christmas wreath

If you don’t want to buy a twig wreath, you can always use your green artificial Christmas wreath and adorn it with white shamrocks. The clear lights of your wreath can act like specks of gold! A white artificial wreath also creates a beautiful centerpiece that complements your St. Paddy’s Day display! For my mantel décor, I used our white wreath and displayed it along with white shutters, providing a tranquil contrast against the green decorations.

Bells of Ireland for the Entryway  


Give your friends a warm welcome with a vase of bells of Ireland on your entryway console. With their long stems and beautiful hue, a fresh bunch of these flowers can immediately perk up your entryway with just a subtle touch!

St. Patrick’s Day Display for the Mantel

There are plenty of things you can combine to decorate your mantel for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Garland


Shamrock garland with old book pages, shamrock cut-outs, and buttons
My shamrock garland without the jute rope


A garland draped on your mantel makes the space more festive and fun! This St. Patrick’s Day garland how-to from Spoonful requires a cotton string, a hole puncher, and scrapbooking paper in different shades of green. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take up much time, making it the perfect project to create with your kids!

You can also use old book pages and some shamrocks I found at the dollar store for a low-cost garland! I cut and measured each flag, pasted the shamrocks on the pages using mod podge, then completed the look with some buttons I have in my craft supplies. I hung the garland using some jute rope I bought last Christmas and some easy-to-remove command strips. Super easy!

For even more cost-efficient décor, take out your Christmas garland and decorate it with gold ornaments. Outline your mantel or fireplace with the garland and turn on the lights for a dazzling St. Patrick’s Day display!

Luck of the Irish Print


Get some St. Patrick’s Day printables and, using a simple picture frame, display them on your mantel for some Irish luck! These prints are cute and fun, and you can keep them on display even after the Irish holiday! Green Pieces for the Dining Table Your St. Patrick’s Day celebration may or may not involve fancy dinner, but there’s no arguing that having these amazing holiday decorations is a surefire way to having an amazing St. Paddy’s Day-inspired dining table.

Green-hued Centerpiece  

Glass hurricanes are your best friends when preparing creating a centerpiece display for your dining table. For your St. Patrick’s Day decoration, create a simple and elegant display with green-colored items!

Shamrock Table Setting



You can never have enough shamrock on St. Paddy’s Day! Cut off a few stems of shamrock and place them on top of your table napkins for a simple and sweet table setting spruce up!

Enjoy decorating for St. Patrick’s Day with these delightful holiday decorations! They are classy but are still an easy way to spruce up your décor for this festive Irish holiday. What do you think?


Photos by Jennifer Lutz

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