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Easy Easter Crafts with the Kids

April 4th, 2014

Kids are always excited when Easter comes, especially when thinking about egg hunts and games! As they grow older, however, their interest in the usual Easter activities wanes. Help them enjoy Easter with these quick and easy Easter crafts for kids!

Brighten Up Your Easter with Colorful Eggs

The Easter eggs I started decorating for a garland

Easter egg hunts are tradition when celebrating this holiday. If the kids don’t want to join in on the hunt, you can make these Easter decorations with them instead.

No-Dye Easter Egg Centerpiece

You don’t always need dye to decorate Easter eggs. This no-dye Easter craft makes use of double-sided tape, colorful glitter, and a crafts punch. Punch some circles and then attach them to the egg. Peel back the other side of the adhesive, and then roll that part in a bowl of glitter. Do the same for the other circles, and put the finished eggs in a glass hurricane or bowl to create a centerpiece. If you want to use different-colored glitter on the same egg, peel and roll the adhesive one color at a time.

Easter Egg Garland

Our Easter egg garland at home

Our Easter egg garland at home

This holiday decoration is a bit more complicated than the first, so your older kids may need help. To start, just paint your eggs like you usually do, then puncture one end to attach a string or ribbon. Afterwards, attach those eggs to one string to make a garland or hang them on the wall to make a wall decoration.

Easter Egg Tree

Our Easter Egg Tree

Our Easter Egg Tree

A different take on the usual Easter egg tree, this paper cut-out Easter eggs tutorial from Martha Stewart makes a great centerpiece for your dining table or mantel! First, help out your kids in dyeing the blown-out eggs, and then let them dry. Afterwards, make some silhouettes using construction paper (in solid colors) and tracing paper. After cutting out the silhouette characters, paste them onto the blown-out eggs using mod podge. Make a string with a needle and thread, and hang them up on dried branches from your backyard. Arrange the branches in a small jar or vase and you’ve got a lovely Easter centerpiece.

Play with Bunnies

Bunnies are Easter staples and your kids will enjoy having a craft day with these loveable Easter bunny projects!

Folded Bunny Napkins

Folding bunny napkins for the dining table can be enjoyable for you and the kids! While you set the table for dinner, ask them to follow this simple napkin folding tutorial from Martha Stewart.

Sock Bunny for the Kids’ Room

Get any small old sock (the ones with no partners are the best) and fill it halfway with rice grains. Use clear rubber bands to pinch in the cloth and close it up to make the body of your bunny. Next, add more grains to the sock and close it up again to make the head. Cut the top of the sock in two, and then snip off the corners to make bunny ears. Add small details such as eyes, nose, and teeth. Check out this sock bunny tutorial from A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Bunny Candy Holders

Following this bunny candy holder how-to from Living Locurto, all you need are toilet paper tubes, construction paper, and glue. First, trace and cut a circle from construction paper to make a bottom for your candy holder, and then attach it to the toilet paper tube. Afterwards, cover the entire toilet paper tube with construction paper in your kid’s chosen color. To make the ears, make a pair of oblong-shaped cutouts in the same color as the tube, and another smaller pair in white construction paper. Tape the ears together before attaching the ears to the tube to make the bunny. Help your kids make the bunny faces using black marker, then add the nose and the tooth. Easy peasy!

Have Fun with Colorful Chicks

Newly Hatched Chicks Garland

Let your kids explore their crafty side using plastic eggs, construction paper, and string! Attach a pair of wings and a beak using glue to the plastic eggs. Afterwards, attach these chicks to your string, with fluffy poms in between to make them even cuter!

Bird Nest Centerpiece

This bird nest centerpiece from Martha Stewart is another fun project to do with the kids. Start by attaching a couple of wings and beaks to emptied eggs, then drawing tiny points using a black marker on both sides of the beak as eyes. Run brown construction paper through a paper shredder (or cut the paper into thin strips), then arrange them around and under the chicks to make the nest. That’s it!

Have fun with the kids with these holiday decorating ideas! If you have kid-friendly Easter crafts, feel free to share them!

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