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6 Easy and Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 2nd, 2014

It’s not easy to make Mother’s Day special. Since no two moms are alike, pre-packaged gift baskets may be too impersonal and not memorable enough for your mother. When you’re thinking about how you can make her feel special this Mother’s Day, keep these simple yet significant gift ideas in mind. And the best thing? Gift-wrapping is optional.

1. Meals for Mom

Breakfast in bed

Give mom a break from cooking by making all her meals instead! Starting with breakfast and make her favorites. As a mom of four school-age kids, the family serving me breakfast in bed sounds blissful! There’s nothing like French toast, fresh fruits, coffee, and juice served in bed to jumpstart the day.  Or if you have multi-generational moms to celebrate, pitch in as a family and make brunch! As for the rest of the day, ask the rest of your family for help to cook and clean up!

2. Crafts

Mother’s Day crafts

DIY crafts make the perfect gifts because you personalize them to fit your mom. There’s no shortage of DIY tutorials online, so just browse for ideas until you find one or two that you can do. Here are some easy crafts to get you started:

  • If your mom is into gardening, she’ll love this flower-arranging gift kit idea from Martha Stewart. You can also try these DIY tin can planters from DosFamily.com or hanging planters from Refinery29.com.
  • This string heart craft by GreenWeddingShoes.com is perfect for the art-loving mom. She can hang it in her bedroom or set it on top of her chest of drawers.
  • If mom loves coffee as much as scented candles, HenryHappened.com has a tutorial on homemade French vanilla candles.

4. House Projects

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to help around the house. Make a booklet of mini-home improvement projects that you can do, such as cleaning the car, weeding the garden, or organizing the kitchen cupboards―basically any task that goes beyond an everyday chore. Afterwards, give your booklet to your mom and let her enjoy a day of relaxation!

5. Watch Family Movies

Invite the whole family for a trip down memory lane with old home videos. Set up your television or projector screen and show your mom and the kids the amazing (or embarrassing) events that happened when you were growing up!

6. Family Day Out

A picnic at the park is a lovely way to spend time together

Food and gifts aside, I think that most moms would love nothing more than to spend time with the whole family. Plan something simple, such as a walk in the park, a picnic lunch, and then on to an ice cream shop for dessert. Enjoying the day together creates lasting memories for both adults and kids!

Which of these ideas do you think is suitable for your mom? Choose one or combine two or more for a truly memorable Mother’s Day!

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