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How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

May 9th, 2014

A coffee table doesn’t need much to look beautiful and remain functional. Sometimes, simple elements like flowers and personal accessories are enough. Here are some easy styling tips you can do to create a lovely coffee table display.

Start with a Tray

A tray allows you to organize and decorate the coffee table without taking up too much space. It lessens the clutter and makes it easier to remove the decor when you need the area for entertaining guests.

Wooden or metal trays work perfectly for the task. Make sure to choose the right size for your table―not too small that your accessories won’t fit, and not too big to take up the entire surface.

Include Your Favorite Books

Coffee table books or magazines not only give your guests something to read, but also add texture to your overall décor. They bring height and interest to the display, while the varying scales or sizes add layering to an otherwise flat space. Two to three reading materials stacked neatly will suffice.

Make Sure There’s Storage

Add a small container that you can set on top of the books or place on another section of the tray. This can be a woven basket, a wooden bowl, or a decorative box. Put your keys, remote controls, and other small items that you need on a daily basis in the container to keep your coffee table from quickly becoming cluttered.

Add a Personal Touch

Give your coffee table display character with a personal accessory, such as lanterns, candles, framed photos, or small figurines. If you want to use a big statement piece, just add one or two smaller items to avoid overcrowding the table.

Round Up the Display with Flowers

Flowers are the quintessential spring décor. They’re great for creating a focal point or centerpiece without being extravagant. Visit your local florist to see which ones are in season. Some of the best spring flowers include tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, daisies, and carnations. When arranging in a vase, keep them short to ensure that guests can still see across the table.

With these simple styling ideas, you can have a coffee table you can be proud of! What does your coffee table look like?

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