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Quick and Easy Memorial Day Tablescape Ideas

May 16th, 2014

Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from creating a patriotic tablescape for your Memorial Day party! When you need to decorate your table with the least amount of effort, simply use what you have on hand and improvise!

Here are some quick and easy Memorial Day tablescape ideas you can use!

Set the Atmosphere


Red and blue bunting displayed above a mantel - Memorial Day Mantel Display
Make your own Memorial Day bunting using red and blue bandannas


Pulling off a successful Memorial Day party involves setting a patriotic tone for the event. Whether you’re holding the party inside or out, decorate with Americana-themed décor and references.

An easy way to do this would be to grab all the red and blue bandannas you can find, and then tie them together to create a bandanna bunting! You can hang this bunting against the wall or above the dining table. You can also make a Memorial Day wreath using a simple grapevine wreath decorated with berries, an American flag, and a burlap bow.

Create Your Centerpiece

Table Runner

To make your themed table runner, cut a long strip of burlap about six inches wide  and lay it on the table lengthwise. To accentuate the burlap, weave red and blue ribbons along its side. You can do this by cutting slits roughly the same thickness as your ribbons. Keep the cuts about one or two inches apart, then insert a blue ribbon into the cloth alternately as if sewing. Do the same for the other side of the burlap for the red ribbon.

Floral Arrangement



Collect three or five mason jars of the same size, cut off some burlap about two inches thick and six inches long (or shorter, as long as it can wrap around the jar), and some 1-inch x 6-inch gingham cloth. Wrap the burlap around the mason jar and secure it with hot glue. Tie a fancy knot around the bottle with the gingham cloth. Secure the bow with a small amount of hot glue.  Afterwards, fill the jar with water and place red or blue flowers. Do about three or five of these floral arrangements and place them along the runner for quick and easy patriotic table decoration!

Opt for Double Duty Decor

Hit two birds with one stone by using your utensils as both tools and decorations! Use red or blue striped straws and plaid linen napkins to complement the patriotic theme, while wooden picnic spoons go well with the burlap table runner. Put them in cute, plaid-inspired containers to complete the look!

Round Up the Table with Delicious Food

Cherry pie in mason jars, plaid paper plates, and potted flowers - Memorial Day Tablescape

Food presentation also helps create a wonderful tablescape

Of course, no Memorial Day spread will be complete without food! Fancy food styling skills aren’t necessary to present your meals in a memorable way. Since pastries already look decorative, they make great (edible!) table centerpieces or ornaments. All you need to do is present them in a slightly different manner.  For example, if cherry pie is part of your menu, you can serve it inside a basket lined with cloth instead of a boring old plate. The same technique will work for other pastries, such as strawberry shortcakes or apple pies. A pot of flowers placed next to the food will give your table a warm, down-home feel.  Just remember to keep everything balanced for a beautiful Memorial Day presentation!

Prepare a quick yet patriotic tablescape for Memorial Day with these easy ideas! You may also want to read the Memorial Day Party Planning Checklist and the Memorial Day Last Minute Plans for more ideas!


Photos by Jennifer Lutz

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