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Hosting with Jen: 4th of July Party Guide

June 22nd, 2014

Keeping things simple, while setting your creativity loose, are keys to having a fun and fuss-free Independence Day celebration. Make the fireworks fly on your 4th of July dinner party with these simple, yet time- and budget-friendly food and décor ideas!


Table Setting

Add a patriotic flourish to your outdoor tablescape by using a red and white-striped tablecloth roll. The rolls serve a dual-purpose—they’re decorative and can be used for clean-up after the party. Add pops of color by using red, white, and blue servers for holding your picnic spoons, straws, and napkins.

Outdoor Decor

I like to hang rows of red, white, and blue crepe paper strips along with overhead lighting to accentuate my 4th of July tablescape underneath. You can secure the ribbons by tying a knot to each wire intersection for each row. You can also use colored tissue paper instead.

And what is the 4th of July without the fireworks? Cast a festive glow on your party by handing out sparklers to your guests later in the evening.

Garland Ideas

Create a DIY garland for your front porch and backyard by recycling colored fabric lying around the house. Get crafty by making your own burlap party banner in red, white, and blue. Simply string through a colored ribbon, or twine, and hang from end to end.


Appetizers and Salads

Bring in the fresh taste of tomatoes for summer! Toss together with fresh mozzarella and basil, then drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for some added zing! And who says salads can’t be finger foods? Skewer bite-sized pieces of your ingredients, then spread them on a serving platter.

A potato salad will also liven up dinner. Follow these steps for a simple yet tasty side dish:

  1. Boil potatoes until soft.
  2. Cut potatoes into cubes. You can mash them if you prefer a smooth texture.
  3. Mix together with a bit of yogurt and a cup of real mayonnaise. You can skip the yogurt and add more mayonnaise if you prefer its tangy flavor.
  4. Toss in some chopped boiled eggs and green onions.
  5. Season with black pepper, kosher salt, and paprika to taste.
  6. Sprinkle a bit of chopped dill on top for a nice touch.

Main Course

Are you hungry yet? Fire up the grill for the main course and whip up some mouth-watering burgers. Give your hamburger recipe an upgrade by combining of a pound each of ground beef and pork for your patties. Take a small slice of cheddar and wrap the meat around it. It’s a tasty surprise – and the kids love it! You can also use blue cheese if you prefer a bolder and intense flavor.


Indulge your sweet tooth with homemade patriotic popsicles. Use fresh blueberry or strawberry puree and pour into pop molds. Match with a yogurt layer for a contrasting stripe. Any left-over puree can also be used to top French toast, pancakes, and smoothies.

Prepare an easy and wallet-friendly 4th of July dinner celebration with these quick and handy ideas!

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