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Anything but Basic: Exciting Summer Party Themes

August 1st, 2014

With summer parties happening left and right, it’s a challenge to come up with a theme that stands out from the rest. Give your own parties some distinction this season by using some fun, kid-friendly themes. From a reimagined pool celebration to a chic luau event, these ideas will give your summer a big dose of excitement!

Water Balloon Party

Whether you’re planning for a birthday party or just a fun day, you can indulge your kids’ love for playing with water with a water balloon party.

This summer party theme is easy to prepare, low cost, and most importantly, extremely fun for kids. Here are what you’ll need:

For decorations and activities
• Buckets filled with water balloons
• A small inflatable pool
• Plastic beach pails
• Plastic baseball bats
• Jungle gym (optional)

• Hot dog stand
• Lemonade
• Ice cream

To start off, fill the plastic balloons with water. Depending on your preference, you can use various balloon sizes or just stick to one. Place them in buckets or an inflatable pool. If you have a jungle gym set, hang some balloons and use them as piñatas.

For party favors, distribute beach pails with plastic baseball bats inside. Encourage your small guests to whack as many water piñatas as they please!

Popsicle Party

What you’ll need:
• Popsicle invitations, like this one from Giggles Galore
• Colorful popsicle bunting
• Paper lanterns
• Crafts made from popsicle sticks
• Plenty of colorful popsicle sticks

For food:
• Fruits on popsicle sticks (grapes, watermelon, etc)
• Hotdogs on sticks, chicken pops, barbecue
• And of course, popsicles!

This is the perfect summer party theme for refreshing birthdays- or any day, for that matter. For the décor, you can use paper lanterns in pastel colors. Popsicle buntings hanging all around the area creates a fun atmosphere.

Your buffet can also function as décor, especially if you’re serving colorful foods such as watermelons on sticks, grapes, and cherry kebabs. To add more personality to your buffet table, you can use galvanized buckets or brightly-colored plastic pails filled with ice to keep those enticing popsicles cool.

Pool Party

What you’ll need:

• Water balloons or air-filled balloons
• Beach balls (any size you want)
• Slippers, goggles, bubble wants, beach pail and shovel for party favors
• Paper slippers as bunting

For food:

• Hotdog stand
• Lemonade in vintage bottles or mason jars
• Colorful straws
• Slipper cookies
• DIY ice cream stand for dessert (three flavors of ice cream and various toppings)

A pool party may be a common thing , but you can make them memorable using handmade decorations and party favors. Cut out paper into slipper shapes, then line them up on a string to make a slipper bunting that you can hang up over your buffet table. Afterwards, fill your pool with the balloons and beach balls, and let the kids run wild with them. Or, you can also spread some beach balls in the far corners of your backyard (where the little ones are less likely to crash into them) for additional decoration.

As you serve your hotdogs, lemonades, and cookies on one table, set aside a smaller table for your ice cream stand. For this ice cream stand, put the ice cream in a bucket or pail, then surround it with bowls of toppings. If you’re unsure what toppings to serve, just stick to the basics, such as chocolate chips, crushed Oreo cookies, marshmallows, candy sprinkles, and fruits. You can also add strawberry jam or chocolate syrup for an even tastier treat.

Throw an amazing event this season with these exciting summer party themes! If you enjoyed this post, you can also check out our post on how to use food as decorations for your table!

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