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Decorate a Tree for a Worthy Cause

December 1st, 2014

This year, Jennifer Lutz and twelve of her fellow bloggers will be spreading the holiday cheer as they take part in Christmas Tree Market’s Christmas in the Community Campaign. They will decorate a tree that will benefit a charitable organization in their local community, such as Pathfinders for Autism, Park View Nursing Home, Sarah’s Hope, and Project BRAVO, among others.

They will be decorating one of any of the five kinds of Christmas Tree Market trees: an Alberta Spruce Evergreen, a Kennedy Fir, a Sierra Slim Spruce, an Asheville Slim Pine, and a Fraser Fir.

13 bloggers will show you how to decorate a tree for the Christmas in the Community Campaign of Christmas Tree Market, bloggers will decorate their local community's tree using different kinds of holiday decor.

13 Bloggers Decorate a Tree for Christmas Tree Market’s Christmas in the Community

Here are some tidbits of information about our 13 bloggers.

1. Christmas Tree Market’s own Jennifer Lutz will be decorating a tree for the Salvation Army. She is a home design expert who goes for creative, affordable, and easy-to-do projects. As a mother of four lovely children, she finds joy in sharing her DIY holiday décor and practical home design ideas on our blog.

2. Stephanie Lynn is passionate about do-it-yourself projects. The homemade décor that you’ll see on her blog, Under the Table & Dreaming, is used to create a comfortable environment for her son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. She is a resourceful individual who never fails to produce beautiful crafts out of the ordinary things that she has at home.

3. LaDonna Dennis established Mom Blog Society, a knowledge base for women bloggers around the world. In this blog, she and a roster of mommy bloggers offer a wide variety of stories ranging in topics from food, beauty, and fashion, to parenting, travel, and home.

4. Anne B. Weil features a lot of her DIY projects in her blog, Flax and Twine, to inspire and delight other bloggers. She likes to do all sorts of crafts, but is particularly drawn to arm knitting, finger knitting, crochet, and embroidery.

5. Jessica Hill combines the classic and modern elements of decorating, cooking, writing, and DIY projects in her blog, Mad in Crafts. This former high school teacher’s blog also offers writing tutorials for craft bloggers.

6. Ramona Vincent shares book reviews, craft ideas, recipes, photographs, and interesting tips for cat owners in her blog, Create with Joy. She decided to give her blog that name to inspire others to incorporate creativity into their everyday tasks.

7. Apart from hanging out with her husband and their four sons, Amber Price loves to sew, bake, read, and decorate her new house. This stay-at-home mom shares all her big and small crafts on her blog, Crazy Little Projects.

8. Vanessa Brady’s hands are always busy; she can’t get enough of kids’ and home crafts, holiday décor, and cooking. Her blog, Tried & True, features her DIY projects and a lot of healthy recipes.

9. Kim Six has a penchant for home improvement projects, which fill the pages of her blog, The Kim Six Fix. It also features mantel decorating ideas for different occasions, and delicious recipes.

10. Brandi Best offers great craft ideas in her blog, Life with 5 Monkies, but she can’t show you how to make them, as she admits to not being a crafty person. She loves animation, though, so you can rely on her for the latest on Pixar and Disney.

11. Maggie Marton’s Oh My Dog is a blog dedicated to dog owners, and features funny stories about pups, DIY projects, and training tips that will strengthen your relationship with your dog. As a dog lover herself, Maggie also offers gift ideas for your loyal pet.

12. Kate Riley is a former lawyer who now specializes in bargain hunting, home design, and DIY projects. She is skilled at transforming ordinary things into stylish home decorations, all of which are featured on her blog, Centsational Girl.

13. Sarah Faubus uses her blog, Boxwood Clippings, to share her DIY projects, home design ideas, and delicious recipes. She also gives tips on where to find inexpensive but stylish accessories for your home and yourself.

Come back to the Christmas Tree Market blog on December 9th to see Jen’s decorated Salvation Army Tree. For a peek at the ornaments she and her youth group created, click here.

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