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How to Decorate a Tree with Large or Heavy Ornaments

December 3rd, 2014


Large or Heavy Ornaments 3(2)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, swapping out the ornaments of your tree is the next step in decorating and getting ready for the Christmas holidays.
One challenge in Christmas tree decorating is hanging large ornaments without making the display look too heavy or clunky. With these four easy steps, you’ll find out how to make use of the tree’s space and branches to create a stylish Christmas tree display with large ornaments.

Hang the Biggest Pieces before the Rest
As with other decorations, even large Christmas ornaments vary in size. Hang the biggest pieces all over the tree first. One issue about large ornaments is that they’re heavy and fall off the tree easily; it would be best to place them on the sturdier, more secure branches that can carry their weight. Also, make sure you space them evenly along the tree’s surface to prevent a clumpy look.
Add Ornaments inside the Tree
Once you’ve displayed the biggest ornaments, gather the second biggest pieces and put them inside the branches. Doing this lets your branches work together to keep your ornaments in place without the use of strings or ribbons. Filling the spaces inside the tree with ornaments also gives your display more depth because they reflect the Christmas lights, making your tree look brighter.
Use the Rest of the Ornaments
Afterwards, follow this up with the rest of the ornaments. Surround larger ornaments with an assortment of small ones to add variety and texture to your Christmas tree. Again, make sure that the ornaments are evenly placed to keep the tree visually balanced.
Put the Tree Topper Last
Be extra careful not to bump into the tree too much when you put the tree topper; this prevents you from knocking down any ornaments. Use a step ladder to reach the top of the tree, especially if your tree is six feet tall or higher.
Spacing the ornaments evenly, making the branches work for you, and filling the inside of the tree all make decorating with large ornaments easy and more convenient. If you’re wondering just how many ornaments your tree needs, visit our ornaments guide. You can also check out Jen’s DIY decorations with the kids for even more inspiration.

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