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Party Rescue: Quick and Easy DIY New Year’s Eve Party Décor

December 29th, 2014

With only a week between Christmas and New Year, it’s hard to change out the decorations from one celebration to the next. However, with a New Year’s Eve party on your hands, you’ll still need a fun setup for your guests. When preparing for your end-of-the-year party, you don’t have to do a complete decorating overhaul. With just a few touch-ups, you can have a party-ready home in no time! Here are some quick and easy New Year’s Eve party decoration ideas!
Gold-Brushed Balloons

Celebrate the New Year with some gold! The best part is that it’s really easy to do. Brush some gold paint on the bottom of white balloons to create a chic and festive look. Place them all over your home for an instant update!

Golden Glittery Bottles

Make your beverages work double time! Aside from providing your guests with refreshments, make them decorate your home, too. Get all your wine or champagne bottles, and then paint the necks. Afterwards, cover the rest of the bottles with gold glitter to give ‘sparkly drinks’ new meaning!
Giant Pom Poms

Small pom poms are cute, but big ones are even more fun! Make these huge pom poms that you can hang from the ceiling or decorate the buffet table with. Here’s an easy DIY tutorial from Michael Ann Made.
Foil Circle Garland

Set the mood and create a celebratory atmosphere with this project! Cut out foil circles in ascending sizes, and then thread them together using a nylon string. Afterwards, you can hang them above the drinks table as a garland or as curtains. If you really want to go all out, you can find the complete list of materials and instructions here.
Simple, easy, and fun — these New Year’s Eve party decoration ideas can save you time and help make your celebration a success! To make decorating after Christmas even easier, check out these decorations that you don’t have to take down.

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