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5 Creative Ways to Display Your Holiday Photos

January 27th, 2015

Having photos stored online or in your smartphone is typical, but nothing beats the appeal of a printed photo displayed for everyone to see. While it’s common to see these photos displayed on the mantel or hanging from the living room wall, there are other, more creative ways to showcase your favorite memories. From a frameless wall collage to a magazine-style photobook, put your most cherished holiday photos on display with this guide from Christmas Tree Market.

Cherish Precious Moments with a Frameless Wall Collage

If you have a big family, the holidays could be one of the few times in a year when everybody’s around for a photo op. Take advantage of the large inventory with a frameless wall collage. Choose the best group and individual photos from the holidays and print them out in a uniform square size. Place them on foam core boards and brush on a layer of Mod Podge to preserve the photos. Learn how to do this on a budget here.

Share Your Holiday Trip with a Storyboard Staircase Gallery

Took the family on a cross-country road trip for the holidays? Share your holiday adventures with a storyboard gallery on your staircase. Print and frame landmark pictures and candid shots of your family vacation. Then, create a timeline of your trip by hanging the photos in chronological order. Start from the bottom of the stairs with a “before” vacation photo and end the storyboard with an “after” shot at the top.  Also, check out this post for a hassle-free way to organize your staircase gallery.

Relive the Holidays with Fridge Magnets

What better way to remember the season of good food and great wine than with fridge magnets? Save the tabletop photography for social networking sites. Instead, choose photos of friends and family sharing a laugh during Christmas dinner or your kids snacking on holiday sweets past their bedtime.  Easily create DIY fridge magnets with your holiday photos using this easy tutorial.

Recall Christmas Memories with a Rustic Wall Display

Chances are, not everyone in the family may be present for the annual holiday photo shoot. Luckily, social networking sites are chock-full of our family’s holiday photos, while Instagram’s vintage filters and uniform square frames are perfect for creating a rustic wall display. Select and print the best holiday photos from your family’s Instagram accounts, and follow this tutorial to replicate the look of the rustic display above.

Tell Your Story with a Magazine-Style Photobook

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they only tell half the story. How did you feel when taking the first holiday photo in your new home? What was your child’s first reaction as they opened their Christmas presents? Put a twist on the classic photo album by creating a magazine-style photobook. Describe your most memorable snapshots with quotes and short paragraphs. You can have this professionally done, or you can follow these tips to creating a better photobook.

Relive your most memorable holiday experiences with these 5 creative ways to display your holiday photos from Christmas Tree Market. What are your favorite photo display ideas? Share them in the comments section below!

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