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Curtain Call: Window Treatment Ideas

January 28th, 2015

If you’re looking to update a room with minimal investment, window treatments are a great place to start. Dated, uninspired, or ill-fitting windows treatments can really drag down a room. Freshen up your space with quick and easy ideas for finding the perfect curtains or blinds for your windows. From simple shades to textured blinds, these window treatment ideas help create a spacious and welcoming home!
Choose the Best Shade for the Room

A common mistake when trimming your windows is using the wrong type of window treatment for the room. Make sure that the curtain or shade you put up matches the look and function of the room and the season. For example, if your bedroom gets too much sunlight in the mornings for your taste, choose heavy draperies or light-canceling blinds. Sheer curtains are perfect for summer or spring, while blinds are great all year ‘round. You can even combine two types of treatments such as wooden roman shades and light curtains, for a more versatile look.

Experiment with Textures

Try different textures of blinds, valances, and curtains to give your windows character while staying functional. Envision which textures will appeal to the space, or glean inspiration from your décor. Wooden shades look perfect in a beach-style room while pleated curtains look great in classic and transitional rooms. Roman shades perform well in rooms with plenty of windows, making it easier for you to get as little or as much light as you see fit.
Combine Old Plain Curtains with Chic New Designs

You can also update the look of your windows without getting rid of your old curtains. If you have neutral curtains that are a bit tired, but still functional, revamp them using a little thrifty ingenuity. Check out the fabric section of your favorite craft store and pick up a yard of fun fabric that complements your curtains. Afterwards, attach the new pattern on the bottom of your old curtain to add character to your windows for pennies. Check out this no-sew tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic.
Use Vintage Blankets

For a rustic vibe, use vintage blankets. They can be heirlooms or something that you bought at an antique sale. With just a bit of sewing, you can add grommet to the top of the blankets to turn them into curtains. You can also try pinched pleats using this tutorial from Prairie Perch.
Paint Your Own Chevron

Painting chevron is a great way to dress up old curtains. It takes only a day to do (including drying), and you can choose whatever color will complement your curtain. This tutorial from The Blissful Bee is easy to follow, even for new DIY-ers.
Figure Out How You Want to Hang Your Curtains

After deciding on what window treatment you want to go with, the next big decision is how to hang the curtains. I know this firsthand because we just finished hanging new curtains in our living room. Believe it or not, how high and wide you hang your curtains can make a big difference, such as visually widen the room or make your ceiling look higher. Personally, I like my curtains to skim the floor, and to get a bit of added height, I use curtain rings so I can hang my rod a couple of inches higher than the window head.
To make your windows look bigger than they really are, hang your windows wide. Doing this makes your curtains look fuller and the room look brighter because of all the natural light coming through.
Spruce up your windows without the heavy lifting with these simple window treatment ideas! For more easy decorating ideas, check out our winter essentials for the bedroom, or our how-to on maximizing storage space!

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