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Hosting with Jen: Valentine’s Day Party Recap

February 16th, 2015

In my last post, I talked about how to prepare a Valentine’s Day party for friends by making quick and easy Valentine’s décor, great food, and amazing drinks. Here are the photos from this memorable Valentine’s Day dinner party, featuring fun Valentine’s ideas and a delicious menu!
More about Our Décor

Valentine’s Day Party – DIY Valentine Garland
Made this DIY Valentine garland just for the occasion

To liven up the mantel, I made a festive Valentine’s garland by spray-painting old Christmas bulbs, cutting out hearts from felt and burlap, and then hot gluing these items to twine. This garland from Boxwood Clippings was my inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Party – Valentine’s Wreath and Spray-Painted Baubles
The Valentine’s wreath and the Spray-Painted Baubles displayed around the house

I made a super quick Valentine’s wreath to adorn my front door, and placed the extra spray-painted bulbs in a hurricane jar to add a touch of color to my bookcase and tie in the festive Valentine’s hues for the party.
Check out the Valentine’s Party Spread

Valentine’s Day Party – Valentine’s Day Party Buffet Table
Our spread for the night

The food was definitely the highlight of the evening and it helped that my friends are also fantastic cooks! We started with a cheese and charcuterie platter, as well as roasted shrimp cocktail as appetizers. I kept drinks simple by serving wine, sparkling water, and wine spritzers, which were a mix of Pellegrino Limonato, Oranciato sparkling fruit beverages, and white wine.
My friend Stephanie graciously prepared and roasted the beef tenderloin at her house, and we finished it off over our open-fire oven in the kitchen, which was very fun. It had a delicious wood-grilled flavor, and was accompanied by a creamy horseradish and mustard sauce, roasted root vegetables, Caesar kale salad, and homemade herbed rolls. Everything was delicious and the best part was that we all contributed to the meal, so it wasn’t overwhelming for one person.

Valentine’s Day Party – Playing 36 Questions
Playing 36 Questions

To spark conversation, my friend Bethany assembled questions from a New York Times article based on a study of the 36 Questions that Lead to Love. We spent much of the dinner reading through the questions and sharing our answers as a group. It was such a simple, fun way to get to know each other better, and have a meaningful group conversation.
The Perfect End to the Night

Valentine’s Day Party – Valentine Game
Friends checking out the wedding photos

We ended the night with two fabulous desserts—a lemon curd cheesecake made by my friend Megan, and a rich triple chocolate mousse made by Stephanie. We also played another fun game where we all guessed the year that each couple got married based on the wedding photos they provided. Each person voted and the couple with the best average won.
To be perfectly honest, I sometimes balk at the thought of playing party games, but this was another great way to interact as a group and as couples, and since none of us had attended each other’s weddings it was such fun to see old wedding photos and share memories. It was certainly a festive way to end the evening!
With amazing food and delightful company, this Valentine’s Day party was a success. Tune in again next time for more dinner party tips and ideas. Did you throw a party to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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    So happy our garland inspired you. Yours looks amazing! As does everything elseE

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