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Quick Sewing Projects for a Spring-Ready Home

April 6th, 2015

Doing your own sewing projects gives you full freedom to choose your own pattern or design you want for your home. It also makes changing out accessories easier, especially when you want something that complements your décor.
Now that spring is here, put your sewing talents to good use and switch out winter items with accessories that create a bright and airy space. The best part is that you don’t have to have amazing sewing skills to do these projects. I’m a beginner sewer, and honestly don’t have time for long complicated projects. These ideas are things you can accomplish quickly, in an afternoon! From embroidered table napkins to easy-to-do spring drapes, here are some quick sewing ideas that will get your home ready for the new season.


Turn Shower Curtains into Window Drapes

Quick Sewing Projects - Turning Shower Curtains into Window Drapes
A shower curtain turned window drapes for our kitchen


You can convert affordable shower curtains into window drapes just by adding curtain clips, or if you choose, grommets. For floor-length drapes, simply add a few inches of plain cotton at the bottom of the shower curtains. The great thing about fabric shower curtains is that they are often made with heavier fabric. With a few simple additions, you can use your shower curtains as window drapes, all without the cost of home décor fabric, just like this curtain I made for our kitchen two years ago.


Have Fun with Table Napkins
Go Green with Embroidered Old Table Napkins
Perk up your old table napkins and go green with a little embroidery. A few embroidered accents can give old table napkins a fresh appeal, and the entire process doesn’t cost much. For a more personalized touch, embroider the kids’ names (and yours) to add a bit more fun to mealtimes. Instead of using paper napkins, your family will be thrilled to set the table with their own personalized cloth napkins. Super cute and environmentally friendly to boot! For full instructions, check out this DIY Personalized Embroidered Napkins post by Flax and Twine.


Quick Easter Napkins


Quick Sewing Projects - Table Napkins
The table napkin from my Easter tablescape


If you’re really in a bind, you can still make table napkins using bright fabric. A yard of fabric can yield about six (6) napkins for the dining table, and can be done in a day. If you want to skip cutting fabric altogether, just purchase fat quarters and quickly iron the edges (fold 1/8 inch and iron, fold another 1/8 inch and iron) and sew.

Greet the new season with fresh drapes and table napkins. For more sewing ideas, check out these curtain ideas that you can use!

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