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Christmas in July Summer Parties: 5 Food Stations You’ll Love

July 3rd, 2015

Christmas in July is a great way for the kids to feel the spirit of Christmas and enjoy summer parties at the same time. This year, have an easy time organizing a Christmas in July party with food stations your kids will love! Food or party stations allow your young guests to fill their plates just the way they want, and have fun in the process. Here are 5 party stations that you can prepare for your Christmas in July celebration!

Hotdog Bar

Hotdogs are always a crowd favorite, and can be cooked in no time! Prepare the toppings in advance but cook the hotdogs to order to make sure that they’re piping hot when served. Chili, tomatoes, onions, and coleslaw are great toppings for the kids, and they can get as much or as little as they want. This how-to from The Celebration Shoppe has tips on how to make your own hotdog bar without the stress.

Self-serve Burrito Bar

The best thing about having a burrito bar is that you can tailor the ingredients to suit your guests, so you can tone down the spices for the kids while staying true to the original burrito recipe. Get some ideas on what to serve for your burrito bar with this how-to from The Handmade Home.

Root beer Float Bar

This one is easy and will be a hit with the older kids. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into mason jars and put them in ice, along with bottles of root beer. Afterwards, sit back and relax as the kids fix their own root beer floats. Check out this how-to from By Stephanie Lynn.

Ice Cream Station

What summer party would be complete without ice cream sundaes? An ice cream station is fun and lets the kids have as many toppings as they want. For this party station, scoop ice cream into jars and keep them in ice until it’s time to serve. Your toppings can include chocolate chips, wafers, fruits, marshmallows, and crushed Oreos.

S’mores Station

Gather all the items you need for a s’more and you’ll have a s’mores station — a fun way for the kids to interact with each other while eating their dessert. For a more delicious treat, add peanut butter, fruits, or Nutella to your s’mores bar to give the kids more options.

Arrange a Christmas in July party without the hassle using any of these 5 party stations. For more about these kinds of summer parties, check out my guide to celebrating Christmas in July!

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