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Slim Christmas Trees: A Beautiful Alternative to Traditional Trees

August 3rd, 2015

The traditional way to decorate for Christmas is with a full, thick tree. However, when space is limited, getting a huge tree is not always feasible. Don’t worry! Even if your space is small, you can still have beautiful holiday displays in the form of slim Christmas trees.


The Ticonderoga Pencil Tree

The slender silhouette of these trees exudes a more modern look without sacrificing the lush foliage that makes Christmas trees so wonderful. They are versatile, too – whether you prefer to decorate with treasured ornaments and family pictures, or you want to experiment by using unusual colors and themes, this type of Christmas tree is just right for you. From conservative to flamboyant, the slim Christmas tree can easily be decorated according to your preferences.

Christmas Tree Market's 6.5' Kennedy Fir as the Glitter Glam Tree decorated by One Artsy Mama; Photo taken from One Artsy Mama

Christmas Tree Market’s 6.5′ Kennedy Fir as the Glitter Glam Tree decorated by One Artsy Mama; photo taken from One Artsy Mama

You can display it in a variety of places: in a corner and other compact areas, at the foot of your stairs or in a guest room. You can also use a pair to flank your entryway, and even position one beside your window or near the fireplace, just like a regular Christmas tree.

With its versatility and practicality, the slim Christmas tree is an excellent way to add Yuletide cheer to smaller rooms and spaces.

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