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Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Mantel

September 14th, 2015

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The transition from summer to fall is one of my favorites, bringing with it the vibrant colors and textures of the harvest season. It’s also a great time of year to update your décor because you can create whole new looks effortlessly and affordably. Here are some simple and beautiful ways to enhance your mantel for fall.

Use Natural Elements

Fall can be as practical as it is beautiful, and you can easily use items from your backyard to add natural elements to your mantel and elevate your décor. So go ahead and get the whole family involved in picking out decorative accents from your yard! Twigs, pumpkins, autumnal blooms – these and more are staples in the season’s décor, and add a charming woodland feel to your home. Paint twigs or pumpkins in gold or bronze for the perfect contrast to their earthy tones.

Add Different Textures

Candle with burlap and leaf embellishments

Photo from Just a Smidgen

When decorating, keep in mind that the smallest details count. Make good use of different textures to make your mantel more interesting — even something as simple as burlap-covered candles can contribute greatly to the overall look. Incorporate materials such as rope, twine, and even hay or corn husks in your accent pieces for a rustic look that’s perfect for fall.

Use Typography

Have any weathered signs or old crates or pallets that are no longer in use? Give them a second life as backdrops for your mantel. Turn them into typography art that you can create using your own designs, or with free printables that you can get online. With a bit of time and elbow grease, you’ll have a great focal point that won’t break the bank.

Decorate in the Warm Colors of the Season

Honestly, when I’m changing up the mantle for the new season, I play around with different color combinations. Usually, I pull everything off the mantel, and then start playing with various combinations. For the fall season, I love to bring in natural elements. Of course, our kids love pumpkins and gourds, and candles bring a real warmth to a room. Try different combinations to see what works best for your mantel, distribute your colorful decorative pieces evenly and make sure that everything is balanced.

Make It Glow with Lighting

Everything looks so much better with good lighting, and your mantel is no exception. Add a bit of glow to your décor by draping string lights, or add vintage lanterns to give a timeless element to the overall look.

Utilize Repurposed Pieces

Rustic mantel with repurposed pieces

Photo from Dandelion Patina

Give unused items some love and repurpose them to create eye-catching accent pieces. Broken rakes, old frames, or various unused parts often have dings and scratches that add character, and a patina of aging that provides vintage flair. A little elbow grease and lots of ingenuity will help you turn them into well-loved showpieces and conversation starters.

Add Coziness and Warmth

Photo from Stone Gable

Photo from Stone Gable

Think of comfort and warmth as we gear up for chilly nights ahead. Prep the fireplace so you can get a fire going when you need it, and bring out your favorite fall candles. Keep cozy throws and soft pillows on hand for times when you want to snuggle by the fireplace. These elements help provide a warm welcome to your loved ones at gatherings, and invite them to linger for meaningful conversations and good memories.

Do you have your own favorite mantel decorating tips? Please share it in the comments section below!

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