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5 Halloween Party Ideas and Activities for Kids

October 26th, 2015

There are plenty of ways younger kids can enjoy Halloween without getting scared silly. From painting pumpkins to creating their own bubbling potions, these Halloween party activities allow kids to have fun this Halloween season while engaging their creative side and making something they can be proud of!
Pumpkin Painting

Kids love to paint and get messy, and their parents have the walls to prove it. With this project from Glued to My Crafts, your children can paint all they want during their Halloween party. For this project, supply your kids with pumpkins and lots of paint in all colors. Once their pumpkins dry, you can display the finished products in their bedrooms or playroom.

Bubbling Halloween Potions

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble! Let your kids make their own bubbling concoctions using a simple baking soda and vinegar mixture. Get some mini cauldrons from the dollar store, put a teaspoon or so of baking soda inside, and then add a few drops of green liquid food coloring. Afterwards, let your kids pour the vinegar over their cauldrons, and watch their faces fill with awe with their little experiment! Check out this how-to from One Perfect Day.
Q-Tip Skeletons

Unleash your kids’ creativity with these Q-tip skeletons! Using black construction paper as a backdrop, your kids can draw their own skull faces and use Q-tips as the bones of the skeleton. In this project, you can help them cut up their Q-tips in the right sizes, as shown in this how-to from All Free Crafts.
Masking Tape Mummy

These masking tape mummies from No Time for Flash Cards are perfect for your toddlers! Ask the kids to draw outlines of bodies on black construction paper, and then help them stick strips of masking tape on the outline to create their mummy. They can be half or fully wrapped—the choice is theirs! Glue the googly eyes, then let dry before cutting out the finished mummy!
Pumpkin Ring Toss

If the weather permits, make the kids play outdoors with this Pumpkin Ring Toss! Align three or more medium-sized pumpkins on your yard or lawn, cut out rings from cardboard, and then let your kids have fun! Check out this how-to from Growing a Jeweled Rose.
Give your youngsters a blast this Halloween! For more party ideas, check out our Halloween party guide.

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