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Christmas Tree Skirt Holiday Tips

October 11th, 2015

Tree Skirts Holiday Tips

In the past, mats were placed around the base of the Christmas tree to catch candle drippings, pine needles, and sap. Over time, a sheet of simple cotton fabric was used for this purpose and to serve as a decorative accent as well.
Today, Christmas tree skirts are part and parcel of holiday décor. There is a wide variety of styles and designs that will suit any theme. Materials are no longer limited to cloth; velvet, fur, wool, and satin are now commonly used and embellished with appliqué, lace, or sequins.

With all these options available, choosing a tree skirt can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you choose your perfect skirt:

  • Select a skirt large enough to fully cover the tree stand. Ensure that it doesn’t go beyond the average width of the branches. Keep the edges away from walkways to avoid accidents.
  • If you want the skirt to stand out, look for bright, bold designs and colors. Choose ones made of rich fabrics, adorned with interesting stitching patterns in metallic shades to set both cover and tree apart from the rest.
  • If you’d prefer the skirt to have understated charm, choose a cover in an attractive plaid pattern or a plain-colored one with lovely ruffled edges. Simple tree skirts jazz up the look of the tree without taking focus away.
  • Go the DIY route. With your choice of materials and your creativity, you can make your own tree skirt that fully expresses what the season means to you and your family. This way, you create something that’s not only unique, but also meaningful and extra special.

Simple or ornate, a Christmas tree skirt serves as the final touch that pulls the look of the tree and the rest of your décor together. The result is a room filled with the joy of the season, enjoyed by guests and loved ones.

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