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Jen’s Thanksgiving Mantel

November 23rd, 2015


Jen's Thanksgiving Mantel (6)

Often when I’m putting together a display, I pick items that I really love and that coordinate well with the space. For our home’s late fall Thanksgiving mantel, I was inspired by pumpkin-colored faux hydrangeas. I pulled together the hydrangeas with deep green leafing and crab apple berries (all three purchased from Hobby Lobby), added bits of crab apple berries, and gourds and pumpkins from our local farmers’ market.
My mom helped me with this particular display (I call her my secret sauce), and we played with various heights, arrangements, and textures to give the mantel a warm, welcoming Thanksgiving look.
To assemble your own Thanksgiving mantel, check out these simple tips!

Choose a Seasonal Piece

Thanksgiving Mantel - Hydrangeas as a seasonal piece
My decorative pumpkin—colored hydrangeas from Hobby Lobby made the perfect seasonal element, along with pumpkins and gourds

Choose a seasonal piece that you love, and visualize it on your mantel; design your display around that piece. Using seasonal elements gives your display a beautiful contrast. The hydrangeas add elegance to the gourds, berries, and more rustic elements like the candles and wreaths.
Vary Heights

Thanksgiving Mantel - Vary height for a beautiful Thanksgiving vignette
Use books or candlesticks to add height to your display

Varying heights make the eyes move along the mantel, and not just focus on one piece of the display. This way, your guests can see the display in its entirety. I love using a mix of old and new. Faux wood candles that I got from World Market last season placed on top of some books and candlesticks add to the woodsy, warm feel and also add a bit of height.
Layer Items

Thanksgiving Mantel - Layer elements for a better display
My mom and I played with layering the pieces on the mantel

My mom and I played with the layering of the pieces to get the look we wanted. In decorating, layering items adds depth and movement to your mantel, and makes your space comfier!
Add a Splash of Color

Thanksgiving Mantel - White pumpkin for the Thanksgiving display
We added white painted pumpkins to contrast the warm fall colors

We put in some pumpkins and gourds that I bought from the local farmers’ market to give our mantel a punch. The spots of white add contrast to the warm fall colors without taking attention away from the rest of the display!
Play with Textures

Thanksgiving Mantel - Completed Thanksgiving vignette
Our completed Thanksgiving mantel display with various textures

Using different textures enhances movement and makes your display more interesting. We put in a grapevine wreath to give our mantel a rustic appeal, and green leafing and hydrangeas to soften the display.
Try these tips when creating your own Thanksgiving mantel display! For more inspiration, check out our other fall mantel display here!

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