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Trees in Review: Why Customers Love the Kennedy Fir

November 8th, 2015

CTM Kennedy Fir Header Photo

Choosing the right artificial Christmas tree can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the countless options to choose from. Christmas Tree Market alone has plenty of trees available, and each of them has their own attributes that distinguish them from other trees.
Today, we are featuring one of our best Christmas trees: the Kennedy Fir. This tree has a classic design that can accommodate different decorating tastes. Check out the reasons why our customers love this tree.

Highly Realistic

Decorated Kennedy Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Forest-green needles with brown branches look natural even up close!

Every bit of the Kennedy Fir is designed to look as real as possible, from the trunk to the needles. It has needles and branches made from a combination of PE and PVC, and these materials give form to a beautiful and lifelike tree. The foliage is forest green in color, a shade that goes well with most Christmas decorating themes and ornaments. Our customers also appreciate the different lengths of the branches, which create fullness and depth.

Slim Profile

With a diameter that ranges from 40 to 50 inches, the Kennedy Fir can fit most narrow spaces. As slim as the tree may be, owners of the Kennedy Fir noted that the tree still has a lush appearance. Some even went so far as to say it looked healthy, which for an artificial tree, is quite the accomplishment!

Multiple Lighting Options

The Kennedy Fir, with its sparkling blue and gold Christmas decorations, is a sight to behold.

A gorgeous pre-lit Kennedy Fir

Our Kennedy Fir tree comes in unlit or pre-lit options. Most customers say that the quantity and ideal placement of the lights make this tree the perfect centerpiece for their homes.

No-Fuss Setup

The Kennedy Fir was constructed with convenience in mind. The hinged branches fold and unfold as required, and the tree only needs a bit of fluffing to achieve its full look. And since the Kennedy Fir comes in a pre-lit option, all you need to do is connect the color-coded plugs!


The affordable price is another aspect of the tree our customers love. The Kennedy Fir provides better value than most artificial Christmas trees out there, because of its ideal size, natural appearance, and lighting options.

Experience the realism and convenience of Kennedy Fir for yourself! You can also check out Jen’s Top Picks for the Best Artificial Christmas Tree for a more detailed look into the best of what Christmas Tree Market has to offer.

Photo Credits

Decorated Kennedy Fir Christmas Tree by Jen Lutz
Photo by Caroline Green

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